Week 1: Georgia vs. Clemson‼️ 🍿 Who ya got? |  

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98% 187 2

You already know this is gonna be good 😏

Week 1: Georgia vs. Clemson in Charlotte 📍

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20-Iyl, 2021



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Mr. 843
Mr. 843 8 kun oldin
Clemson by 10 to much ross#8
King Rozier
King Rozier 10 kun oldin
Let's Go Dawgs!!!!!
Georgia Sports
Georgia Sports 13 kun oldin
Dawgs by a million
SAMUEL PATE 13 kun oldin
Clemson 34-31 But my uncle said 45-17 Clemson
scd123 13 kun oldin
Clemson 34-24. It'll be a one score game for most of the game but clemson pulls away in the 4th quarter
Trevor 12 kun oldin
Georgia fan here I totally could see that based on how we’ve played the past few years with Kirby Smart. Hopefully we pull through though.
Joey Brown
Joey Brown 14 kun oldin
Hayden Short-S
Hayden Short-S 14 kun oldin
I got georgia
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 14 kun oldin
GA wins that game. I bet 100k
Lane Cheak
Lane Cheak 14 kun oldin
Georgia by 7
Rex Mortiferum
Rex Mortiferum 14 kun oldin
60% chance Clemson loses. I just think they're a depleted team. Georgia has the experience.
David Cole
David Cole 14 kun oldin
Clemson is slight favorite, but for sneaky reason think Georgia wins and I don't like either team.
Rafael Bruce
Rafael Bruce 14 kun oldin
Clemson by 2 TDs.
Roll Tide
Roll Tide 14 kun oldin
This is a tough one to pick. JT Daniels getting back on the field and DJ Uiagalelei should have quite the battle. Picking today, I'm gonna go Clemson 45 Georgia 42.
Grayson Harrelson
Grayson Harrelson 14 kun oldin
Clemson is coming off of a absolutely pounding by Ohio State, so I don’t think this team especially the defense has forgot about that game. So I believe that Brent Venables will have the defense very motivated and driven to be better and to keep everything in front of them. I do believe this Georgia offense is at a very elite level they haven’t been at in quite some time, but I do believe it will be neck and neck for the majority of the game, and one mistake can alter the course of the whole game, but I have Clemson pulling out a close one 34-31. But I mean, this is seriously anyone’s game, and anyone can pull it out.
Jackson Crowe
Jackson Crowe 14 kun oldin
Let’s go tigers
Johnathon Lester
Johnathon Lester 14 kun oldin
Let's Go Dawgs
Deric Summers
Deric Summers 14 kun oldin
Jabronylin43 14 kun oldin
I think Georgia wins this game , then beats Bama in the Sec Championship and goes on to the win it and JT Daniels gets picked top 5 in the NFL draft over Slovis who took his job at USC after he got hurt
Tre Tre
Tre Tre 14 kun oldin
clemson’s comin off a natty loss and uga’s lost stars thru the draft and pickens is hurt
Ga going in alittle too confident. Idk Kirby always find a way to f k up
Kyle Fisher
Kyle Fisher 14 kun oldin
JT Daniels has yet to lose at UGA. I’m rolling with the dawgs
Kyle Fisher
Kyle Fisher 14 kun oldin
@Andrewr1204 maybe not florida. The reason UGA lost that was because the quarterback was so bad
Andrewr1204 14 kun oldin
He didn't play Alabama or Florida. Those would've been losses for sure.
Noah Byrd
Noah Byrd 14 kun oldin
Go Dawgs 🔴⚫️
Deadpool96 14 kun oldin
Let’s go Tigers
Kaliba King
Kaliba King 14 kun oldin
Antonio Head
Antonio Head 14 kun oldin
XEverlastingXChaosX 14 kun oldin
Here kitty kitty kitty..Dawgs gonna GATA!! GO DAWGS!
Aaron C
Aaron C 14 kun oldin
Notre Dame fan here, love both of these programs believe it or not 27-24 Clemson. I’m so 50/50 on this one, who do you guys got????
P Harvey
P Harvey 14 kun oldin
Go Ga. Bulldogs 🔥🔥🔥
Julian Smith
Julian Smith 14 kun oldin
Clemson and Georgia is a great non conference it should be named the war on Interstate I-85
Jeremy Freaking Smith
I got Georgia on this one, Clemson must lose
Kile Taylor
Kile Taylor 14 kun oldin
jogger1987 14 kun oldin
Let's go Tigers !!!
GL Rustic Design
GL Rustic Design 14 kun oldin
Dawgs by 17. Biggest upset for week 1 though will be Florida State over Notre Dame. Heard it here first
XEverlastingXChaosX 14 kun oldin
@Practice Makes Paper What a joke Miami isn't close to Bamas level. Lol Bama will beat them by 4 TDS
Jack Spencer
Jack Spencer 14 kun oldin
Keep dreaming buddy
Practice Makes Paper
Nah Canes over Alabama will be the biggest upset
Rush Highlights
Rush Highlights 14 kun oldin
I mean,Notre Dame isn't really that good
Rush Highlights
Rush Highlights 14 kun oldin
Georgia this may finally be their year
Bible Stories
Bible Stories 14 kun oldin
Let’s go Dawgs
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 14 kun oldin
Kile Taylor
Kile Taylor 14 kun oldin
West Virginia isn't even playing in this game
Fb Sports
Fb Sports 14 kun oldin
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