The timeline of expanding the College Football Playoff from 4 to 12 teams | Get Up 

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The timeline of expanding the College Football Playoff from 4 to 12 teams | Get Up
The Get Up crew discusses the possibility of an expansion to the College Football Playoff and the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously affirming a ruling that provides an incremental increase in how college athletes can be compensated.

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23-Iyn, 2021



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Rory Winter
Rory Winter 14 kun oldin
Sad 12 team playoff is the end of college football for me. I loved it for the every game matters can't lose regular season. Nothing like a big game in college football and 12 team playoff ruins it. It also kills non conference schedules. Liberals destroy everything.
Stefan Snellgrove
Stefan Snellgrove 17 kun oldin
Is it guaranteed decided already about playoff expansion and if so when is it going to be implemented.
Stefan Snellgrove
Stefan Snellgrove 17 kun oldin
Then it’s going to be 14,16,18,21,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40 and on and on because schools who don’t make it will keep wanting to expand it.
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 27 kun oldin
Exams?? like these players honestly care about exams when the NCAA has like a 1.7 or 2.0 GPA requirement….
vahauser51 28 kun oldin
Notre Dame is very happy with this proposed playoff expansion. I agree. Notre Dame will most always be in the top 12. They won't have to play in a conference championship, and their play-in game (even though they won't get a first-round bye) will most always be easier than playing in a conference championship game. They also have a very strong national brand plus very wealthy alumni to help with NIL. If I'm a Notre Dame fan (which I am definitely NOT), I'd be dancing in the streets with how bright the future looks for them.
Christopher Foote
Terrible idea. Twelve would lead to twenty-four. Look to FCS for evidence. Twenty-four will lead to forty-eight. Which (in time) will lead to ninety-six. Effectively what the NFL does RIGHT NOW. NFL recently expanded to 16/32. NCAA would require 128 (of 256). Terrible.
I am Nobody
I am Nobody Oy oldin
They are not getting a free education. They are working for the school paying for their education with their talents.
Anonymous User
Who really wants to see Florida, the athletically disadvantaged Big 10 West champion, and the default winner of the Pac12 defecate all over themselves in the playoffs every year except apparently people who want participation trophies. This is what you get when you listen too much to people crying over their team not making the playoffs because they weren't good enough to make it in
cygnusx1jg 6 kun oldin
I say have 4 Power Mega Conferences and have an 8 team playoff with each conferences 1st and 2nd place team (get rid of conf champ games) playing for THEIR Natl Championship. Then have the Group of 5 conferences have their own separate playoff to crown their Natl Champion.
howard baxter
howard baxter Oy oldin
You do realize people have been saying the playoffs should be 8 or 12 teams since the BCS era, right? No one liked the 4 team format cause it did nothing but reward the same teams EVERY year, and ultimately help these team’s recruiting cause players know that they WILL go to the playoffs if they play for these teams. Meanwhile, Group of 5 teams are getting screwed over, and will NEVER be able to make it into the playoffs under the current format. App State, Cincy, or UCF could go undefeated and beat other ranked teams and still won’t make it.
Brett Battle
Brett Battle Oy oldin
64 team playoff! Rocky Top still wouldn't make it
Giddens Designs
That’s facts lmao
AK Oy oldin
I just wish they would do it before Saban retires so he can win a couple under that format as well. The good thing is that when he retires Alabama will likely not be as dominate but will still be left with a lot of talent and the new coach that replaces him will still have a good chance of getting into the playoffs. Should keep Bama in it for the next decade or so at least I would think.
Stefan Snellgrove
Stefan Snellgrove 17 kun oldin
And yet they are thinking that this type of model would hurt us but it would practically guarantee us in the playoffs every year he’ll even some with barely winning records could get in.
Chris Crocker
Chris Crocker Oy oldin
No gonna happen anytime soon. If my memory serves me correctly didn't the college football playoffs sign a 12 year contract at 4. So that means there are 5 years left for everyone who has Alabama fatigue, retarded and can't count. We are talking about "college" here. I thought you went to college after highschool to get more education not become dumber.
hunter Scott
hunter Scott Oy oldin
Idk I think 12 is a little much I don't want 3 loss teams in the playoffs maybe for now they should just stick to 4.
howard baxter
howard baxter Oy oldin
No. Make it at least 8 or 12. It’s pretty much the same teams every year making the playoffs. And before you say they’ve “earned” it and that teams should just get better, the problem is that by constantly having the same teams in the playoffs, the same teams will constantly make the playoffs cause they are getting all the top recruits. It’s an endless loop.
MsMook24 Oy oldin
They are making something so easy seem so hard it's extremely sad every College football team wants a playoff to have a chance to win a national championship it's been their goal since the beginning of playing football from age 7 you play football to win the national championship game plain and simple the players should have a say if they want the playoffs to begin this year or so not the ones that haven't played before seriously 😤😡😠🤬
Brutus Smithers
Ruining college football.
Brutus Smithers
@Jake O I was disappointed that we couldn’t give you a better game. But at least we shut that goof Dabo up. We’ll see ya! Have a good one👍
Jake O
Jake O Oy oldin
@Brutus Smithers Yep. Side-note I thought you guys had a great season last year considering that you didn’t even think you would have a season a couple months earlier. Day will win the big one sooner rather than later.
Brutus Smithers
@Jake O thank you. Buckeyes are generally conservative and traditionalists. College football wasn’t broke. But they sure are trying to fix it.
Jake O
Jake O Oy oldin
This Bama fan agrees with you. College football is turning into professional football... no soul
Bacnow Oy oldin
Hey guys we need to stop SEC dominance by Expanding the playoffs to 12 teams! Except, this insures that 2 of those teams are SEC teams and one is guaranteed to be the elephant sitting on your shoulder: Big Bad Bama!!! Y’all have just handed Saban a Golden Ticket!
gmailcgs Oy oldin
There will be 3 or 4 SEC teams in the top 12
Linda K Parkinson
Need 16
Kenny J. McBride
Long Comment: College football will not be fixed until they have proper realignment that includes SOME G5 programs. Some big schools need to hit the reset button and join a different conference to rebuild their football brand such as (Tennessee, Nebraska, Arizona, Arkansas, and all the former teams from the Big East that can't beat Clemson.) 8 Power conferences, 10 teams each, no INDEPENDENTS on the FBS level, 5 G5 conferences that have a realistic shot at a playoff spot. 12 team playoff only helps the loser of the current Power 5 conferences championship game to get an at large bid or you have a team like Texas A&M complaining about not getting in the top 4 but they didn't even play in their own conference title game.
howard baxter
howard baxter Oy oldin
We didn’t play in our own Conference Championship cause the #1 team in the country is in our division. And, bear in mind, we lost to them at the beginning of the year when they had Waddle and we were still working in a couple of our younger guys. While, on the other hand, ND and OSU get killed by them at the END of the year.
Richard O'Neal
"College basketball makes all the money"? No! It's football.
I'm excited for this a chance for my Gophers and more chances to laugh when Norte Dame gets blown out
dragngt Oy oldin
Woot! More chances for the SEC to dominate! Good choice guys. 👍
QT Jeri
QT Jeri Oy oldin
Sec will always stay on top
QT Jeri
QT Jeri Oy oldin
Facts it’s just gonna be Florida, Bama and Georgia
JSoul Oy oldin
Did he just say college basketball is what makes the money?? That couldn’t be more wrong 🤣
David Lard
David Lard Oy oldin
It may happen so please drop the pre-conference games between Texas University and Alpine State. A totally waste of time. Bully beating up on a cripple. The big U's all do it.
Terence Baca
Terence Baca Oy oldin
A seventeen game season for the eventual final two teams??? Really??? During the weeks when students are supposed to be preparing for final exams? That's just crazy. Sorry to say, this ain't gonna fly with the Presidents and CEO's of the Pac-12, Big 10 and ACC.
Terence Baca
Terence Baca Oy oldin
@David Dolan If that were true, what is the point of taking the classes?
linden camelback
Yeah, everyone considers this done, just clean up the minor details. Don't hold your breath until the university presidents (especially the BIG 10) chime in.
David Dolan
David Dolan Oy oldin
Let me give you a breakdown of 95% of the power five schools. Those football players aren't there to go to class, they're there to play football.
Terence Baca
Terence Baca Oy oldin
@Mr. College Football Big 10 and Pac 12 Presidents have always been against a long season. Sixteen+ games was always out of the question for them due to high academic standards. I think we are being set up for the birth of the SuperConference. It will be an NFL style league made up solely of Power 5 schools. That way the final two will play 14 games tops for the season.
Mr. College Football
The final two teams will likely play 16 games, as 17 would mean a team seeded 5-12 played in the conference championship game, and then won 3 playoff games to advance to the natty.
keith green
keith green Oy oldin
Everyone thinks this is great...until players from major teams start opting out because they don’t want to play up to 17 games or until that Alabama/Auburn or Texas/Oklahoma or Georgia/Florida or USC/Notre Dame rivalry game we just saw doesn’t mean anything because both teams are in the playoff or when 8 of the 12 teams are from the SEC and B1G but everyone keeps telling me this is going to be the greatest thing ever in college football so I guess it will be.
Hunter Mewis
Hunter Mewis Oy oldin
@Chris Golden the season is already watered down, because of undefeated teams not making the playoff
Chris Golden
Chris Golden Oy oldin
I agree completely.... the beauty of college football is that the regular season matters so much... expanding just waters it down and makes it more like the nfl
David Dolan
David Dolan Oy oldin
It would still mean something for the pride of the schools and the better chance of getting a bye, and if the first two rounds are played at campuses, than you'd want home field for that game.
James Reynolds
Probably have to go to 48 teams to unseat Bama. It's all about the money tho, so please start paying the players!
QT Jeri
QT Jeri Oy oldin
I’m happy players can finally start making money off their name and all that
Chris Brown
Chris Brown Oy oldin
12 is actually perfect.... its 10 conferences. Let the 10 conference winners get Automatic bids and 2 at Large Bids....
David Dolan
David Dolan Oy oldin
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Finally, someone who has the same plan that I've been saying for years.
Novice Trainer
The only way all 10 conferences send a team is if it goes to 16
Tyler Lester
Tyler Lester Oy oldin
The projected proposal is the 6 highest rated conference champions and then 6 at large bids
Eleventh Runner
@Chris Brown, do you think ESPN and/or Power 5 chancellors will approve of allowing automatic bids for FBS's 10 conference champions with 2 at large teams when knowing ESPN and the chancellors will push for having multiple conference teams make the 12 team playoff?
Arlando King
Arlando King Oy oldin
This is long overdue,it’s not that hard to get started just do like NFL top (4) teams get a bye the other (8)play each other let’s get this thing done and quickly we adjust contracts all the time come on NCAA.
D1 Heat
D1 Heat Oy oldin
Idk why they are expanding the playoffs when it comes down to the final 4 it’s going to be Clemson Alabama Ohio state Oklahoma or Georgia it’s still going to be the same team winning the national championship
Gelene Celine
Gelene Celine 20 kun oldin
🤦‍♂️you clearly are biased or don't know what the word upsets mean
Hunter Mewis
Hunter Mewis Oy oldin
@howard baxter exactly
howard baxter
howard baxter Oy oldin
@Anonymous User or maybe cause teams, like Group 5 schools, are getting robbed of the opportunity to even play. They can literally go undefeated and beat ranked teams and still not make it.
Anonymous User
Because crybabies complain about their team not getting in (because their team wasn't good enough)
dragngt Oy oldin
@JSoul This was all said when the 4 team playoff started and when the transfer portal opened. It didn’t. Will some things change? Yes. But not if the top teams keeping getting elite players and more crucially, since you mentioned blue chips @ USC, is player development. What schools are a pipeline to the NFL? You want to chance it somewhere else? No, you don’t because you have 1 shot.
Cameron Cox
Cameron Cox Oy oldin
They never learn
j bot
j bot Oy oldin
If this happens it will be interesting
David Cole
David Cole Oy oldin
It is going to happen. They just have to get ESPN and Bowls on Board.
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