The NCAA is worthless after NIL decision - Paul Finebaum | KJZ 

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The NCAA is worthless after NIL decision - Paul Finebaum | KJZ
Paul Finebaum joins KJZ to discuss the NIL ruling going into effect on July 1st and how that will affect college sports moving forward.
0:00 Finebaum calls July 1st the most significant day in college sports history calling the NCAA worthless.
1:56 Paul Finebaum breaks down how Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban will adapt to the NIL decision.
3:13 Keyshawn Johnson and Paul Finebaum discuss if athletes lose focus on why they are at the universities to begin with.
4:33 Monica McNutt wants athletic programs to bring in people to teach the student athletes how to navigate the NIL decision.
5:43 Finebaum says most of the athletes will adapt but knows there will be some difficulties.
7:01 Paul Finebaum calls NCAA leader Mark Emmert one of the most ineffective leaders of any organization.
8:39 Finebaum discusses how much Keyshawn Johnson would make if he was a college athlete during this new era.
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1-Iyl, 2021



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Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson 4 kun oldin
A lot of programs will shut down, after the NCAA goes
Chuka Nweze
Chuka Nweze 5 kun oldin
NCAA falls * Disney/ESPN: I am the captain now
Sdotbell MMA
Sdotbell MMA 5 kun oldin
They are gonna turn into Divas I was thinking about that too.. this money could go to their heads… they need accountants and agents
John Naylor
John Naylor 9 kun oldin
Bryce You who hasn't started a college game as yet is closing breaking on in $1 million in endorsements. The Colts Ehlinger will earn a base salary of $660,000 and a signing bonus of $130,708 I do see a lotta "shine" coming off athletes because of the distractions ... methinks: 1. 1st chunk of money pays the school back for the scholarships. 2. 2nd chunk of money goes into a kitty shared among the entire team ... like SEC TV money 3. The rest of the money they get access to when they graduate ... minus a stipend for them to use while in collage ... last thing I wanna see is stars lost when the Lambo wraps around a telephone pole. I can't imagine I'd be alive today if I started college at 17 with a 77 figure income, let alone earn a degree.
Garrett Wilson
Garrett Wilson 11 kun oldin
Only boomer fucks think this is bad lol
CrowdPleeza 12 kun oldin
I'm curios to see how this affects college basketball. Since they can make some money while in college, will more of the top players choose to stay in college longer and not be in a hurry to go to the NBA? That would be better for college basketball.
Jeff Tomasello
Jeff Tomasello 14 kun oldin
College Athletics is useless, why do they need college anymore?
Jd Vandy
Jd Vandy 14 kun oldin
Pritty soon actually going to class won’t matter now they just lie about top athletes going to class ..you know baseball and hockey have minor leagues college sports is supposed to be about academics too ….football needs a minor league so cfb can get back to some type of Amature norm ..
cinnaminson 06
cinnaminson 06 17 kun oldin
Yes, but... What Tennessee allegedly did (coaches paying players) will still get you in trouble.
E Square
E Square 22 kun oldin
OMG the athletes are going to make money. How dare they.
E Square
E Square 22 kun oldin
There is no argument. Supreme Court Decided.
Darien Rodgers
Darien Rodgers 25 kun oldin
I have no problem with letting athletes get paid. Just think about the amount of money Coastal Carolina would have gotten this year out of their tremendous football season. Their athletes get paid internships through social media accounts, etc. Bringing revenue for themselves (which is 99.9% of that football team didn't and won't get drafted)... AND to the university brand. This is a brilliant stance for the schools and athletes, but a nightmare for the NCAA when they can't regulate it once these athletes get millions of dollars without going to classes and such.
kiva Bolton
kiva Bolton 25 kun oldin
These Colleges Got Wealthy off of Athletes back …Time for Us To EAT💪🏾💪🏾🍾🍾🥩🥩
ASEC Mimosas
ASEC Mimosas 26 kun oldin
I mean, no...the NCAA is not worthless. What a stupid take. There's no competitive product that can challenge them for what they provide. People have tried, but largely they have failed, and will continue to do so, because the NCAA's greatest asset is us, the students and alumni. We are a built in market. And that is EVEN MORE true now that athletes can monetize their NIL, you need people to sell to. You need people interested in you, you need a market and that's what a school provides.
jawill24 26 kun oldin
When I was 18 in college I had to learn to manage my own money and find out how to do it I fucked up a lot but I’m a better person for it and they will be better business men and women in the long run
titleloanman 26 kun oldin
This is funny because Finebaum has always been worthless
B Barns
B Barns 26 kun oldin
TY Lavar Ball. I know they wont give you credit but you proved there are other ways to skin the cat.
Joseph Sellers
Joseph Sellers 27 kun oldin
How many sponsors pay you? So when you do ads does it diminish you and your program or enhance it and make it grow? What the world is tired of is hypocrisy.
Anthony Starke
Anthony Starke 27 kun oldin
As soon as she started talking this segment lost all credibility.
Jeremy Schaubhut
Jeremy Schaubhut 27 kun oldin
Well these will be highly competitive people dealing with their peers who have the same level of competitiveness that aren't as talented so they'll handle it
Matthew Digiacomo
Matthew Digiacomo 27 kun oldin
Despite NIL is way past its due date, I do not believe this is the end of the NCAA. However, I do think that NIL is the beginning of the end for lower college sports. The reason is, as someone has pointed out, it will not take long for the center on the water polo team to complain that NIL is unfair because he can not make as much money as the star QB. So he will take his case to court and somehow schools will be forced to spend a portion of the budget on paying these small sports athletes. At that point, the money to pay salaries will have to come from another lower sport's budget ... so goodbye gymnastics to pay for swimming ... or goodbye tennis to pay for track and field ... It is a domino effect and I'm be interested to see what plan -- if any -- is formed to combat that.
Garage Qeys
Garage Qeys 28 kun oldin
moester75 28 kun oldin
It’s time for NCAA athletes to get financially compensated I am all for it. I’m generation x and a hard corps NCAA football fan and those kids have been making me happy and they have been making my Saturdays fun for me since I was six years old. I want those guys to get as much money and prestige as they can get. Having said that, there’s just one thing I’m very worried about. I just don’t want these kids getting jealous of each other over mammon. I’m worried once harmonious teammates will become hostile with one another over that green eyed monster called envy. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out.
Trevor Westerdahl
Trevor Westerdahl 28 kun oldin
Paul Finebaum is worthless. Nough said. Seriously true. You all know it.
Terry Brunk
Terry Brunk 27 kun oldin
Its shocking he is talking like this about the NCAA
Cody Lee
Cody Lee 28 kun oldin
It's a distraction woman. It's a fact. I know for a fact that it will negatively influence the game
Cody Lee
Cody Lee 28 kun oldin
This was a decision to destroy alabama. Let's just be honest
Cody Lee
Cody Lee 28 kun oldin
These guys are already getting a free ride. $$ has become more important than everything
noktilux 28 kun oldin
These sporting competitions should not be taking place at universities. Most of the athletes do not belong there and are not actually functioning as students. Why doesn't the all-wise Mr. Finebaum address any of that?
Mark Vert
Mark Vert 28 kun oldin
Once the money starts flowing who controls it and who gets it. No controls on any of it
Romulus Remus
Romulus Remus 28 kun oldin
No more scholarships for student athletes that make money
duke 28 kun oldin
NCAA has been screwing athletes for decades while pocketing billions and billions of $. Give Reggie Bush his Heisman back. Perhaps this also changes the 1 & done model. Get paid to stay in college. Wow what a great idea.
duke 27 kun oldin
@Terry Brunk Lots of talented poor kids can send money home and support family.
Terry Brunk
Terry Brunk 27 kun oldin
No they haven't, must athletes wont be able to handle this.
maurice tarver
maurice tarver 29 kun oldin
These students are playing to go pro and get paid.
maurice tarver
maurice tarver 29 kun oldin
This is perfect example of people wanting to keep making money off of these students and saying it's bad.
just me Blac
just me Blac 29 kun oldin
I'm with the colored girl
john gleason
john gleason 29 kun oldin
The kids who walk into college mature will excel and they deserve the money they're about to make. It's the people who needed an attitude adjustment that are now less likely to get it, but that's been a trend all over society.
Masio Masio
Masio Masio 29 kun oldin
Should high school players get paid too ?
Matt JBG
Matt JBG 29 kun oldin
This woman is correct
Rodney Dockins
I don't disagree with the supreme courts decision but this is the end of college football as we have known it.
robert pointer
well , its really happening. the prisoners will run the jail. this will proably ruin college football.
King Gudda
King Gudda Oy oldin
Shut up paul finbaum!! We don't care about the NCAA feelings. Yall made plantation wealth off every athlete whoever walked into you guy's schools
Sean G
Sean G Oy oldin
Dang finebaum just flamed Emmert.
bhoetep eagle
bhoetep eagle Oy oldin
Don't like finbaum, but I agree with him on this, its the end of college sports
Mega Watts
Mega Watts Oy oldin
You will witness the end of college sports as we have known and loved.
Phil Ross TV
Phil Ross TV Oy oldin
lol let’s go JSU and Deion. Time to level playing field.
detectif Oy oldin
he's too dumb and racist.
Fred Leeland
Fred Leeland Oy oldin
Maybe the media shouldn't pay everyone but the players and this wouldn't have happened People dislike like college because it's money driven but the media just adds to it because it benefits them
BeardGodKel Oy oldin
Paul is just mad because his beloved $EC might lose their grip.
Jay Correll
Jay Correll 29 kun oldin
How is that going to happen?
Tommy Lewis
Tommy Lewis Oy oldin
NCAA been scamming for years so tbh I hope the worst for em college football will always prevail weather a board of asshats sees over them or not it's good these kids at least get something there's no time in college to work play, maintain a high level in a sport and in fitness, and then try to get your degree incase this sport isn't what's gonna put food on the table long term
no Oy oldin
As if the athletes on college campuses weren’t already well taken care of, now you’ll have “students” acting like even bigger idiots
Syd Marsh
Syd Marsh Oy oldin
Wouldn’t want to be the one school that runs afoul of “any rule” the NCAA is looking to lay hammer down to reestablish their authority, I’m not wrong here. Been there history. Trends and patterns don’t lie.
bamaretiredgrunt Scott Blanchett
WTAF is this idiot…hire more people to help a student make money? STFU princess
-X- PHYSIQUE Oy oldin
Slavery is over in the NCAA. Slowly but surely the United States is getting better.
detectif Oy oldin
nah we are all still slaves, won't change until the races unite to overthrow the rich and congress.
Scott Daloisio
Nick Saban doesn’t need to adapt, he’s already paying players every year to come there
piedpiper 8
piedpiper 8 14 kun oldin
@Yamom Loveme He offers players to be in on the fireworks show. Everyone else asks if they want a sparkler. Possibly a bottle rocket. Or maybe a 🍼 bottle if you're the OP.
Yamom Loveme
Yamom Loveme 17 kun oldin
@Scott Daloisio lol so you sayin is they only pay ppl at Alabama because if not then wats the advantage????
Scott Daloisio
Scott Daloisio 17 kun oldin
@Yamom Loveme nah bruh they pay players and everyone knows it
Yamom Loveme
Yamom Loveme 17 kun oldin
I just think he says. If you come here your goin to win and go to the nfl 🤷🏿‍♂️
Gopher Fan
Gopher Fan Oy oldin
I find it interesting how many people are freaking out about this as if they will stop watching their favorite teams play every Saturday. The fans won’t just disappear, and those that do wont be missed and will be quickly replaced. College football isn’t going anywhere. It’s inevitable change. This is something that the NCAA should have taken care of years ago. Now they’ve only succeeded in shooting themselves in the foot.
Cam Oy oldin
Paul been real Eeyore-ish, lighten up, the sun still shines
Grape Street
Grape Street Oy oldin
Coaches about to be exposed big time.
DG youtube
DG youtube Oy oldin
If you don’t think these schools and the ncaa are going to sue these kids so bad anytime they use their logo or likeness.
Yassin TheGreat
I find this very interesting
Massimiliano Giacometti
As a Miami and Ole Miss fan, I don’t want Alabama and Clemson going to the championship. I don’t even want Alabama and Clemson in the CFP
Dave Lambert
Dave Lambert Oy oldin
No doubt it, due to the greatly increased costs, schools will have to cut the sports and athletes that don't bring revenue into the school. They won't be able to afford them.
raider nation
raider nation Oy oldin
The schools are not the ones paying them. They are not getting salaries and tye schools and boosters are still forbidden from paying them directly
John Petrig
John Petrig Oy oldin
University athletic departments that provide a team of marketing experts that help the student athletes navigate this opportunity will succeed.
Brian Ransom
Brian Ransom Oy oldin
College sports been screwed up. It's Entertainment. It's TV. And They play in 100,000 stadiums more than the pros. Saban new this was coming before hand look at the Alabama upgrades to the facilities.
Brian Ransom
Brian Ransom Oy oldin
Oh yeah NCAA 23 Football game have a lot to do with it also.
Mark Munden
Mark Munden Oy oldin
What does the center do when the QB is making big bucks. And he gets none or peanuts. human nature...
Brian Davey
Brian Davey Oy oldin
Same organization that investigated Utah after majerus bought pizza for keith van horn.. after his mother died.. f all them.
Jarod Elliot
Jarod Elliot Oy oldin
College athletes went from unpaid interns to paid internships essentially.
RaceyTray Kun oldin
The NIL allows student athletes to have part-time jobs. It doesn’t allow colleges to pay athletes to compete for them.
jgcalc Kun oldin
@Henry Kikoyo I definitely think they should be compensated in some form. Most schools will pay for your books tutoring housing food Medical on top of Education. Even small schools will pay for that so that surprised me about Alabama. I will say it is a very slippery slope when you start to pay College athletes
Henry Kikoyo
Henry Kikoyo Kun oldin
@jgcalc yes but if u break it down say for alabama, they pay for text books, housing etc... thats 30,000 per year so 90,000 after 3 years. now think of how much money these athletes make for their schools. millions on millions. U see that nice new stadium at texas am. Johnnymaziel alone pretty much built that. They deserve to get paid but i will admit that they are loads of cons
Jarod Elliot
Jarod Elliot 28 kun oldin
@jgcalc you're not wrong. Athletic scholarships make academic scholarships look worthless. But with how much the sport makes, they should get something at least. Like a work study position
jgcalc 28 kun oldin
@Jarod Elliot ya but athletes are getting the full ride scholarships. Average student isn't.
Tristan Riley
Tristan Riley Oy oldin
The wild west which team will pay the most!!!
Freddy Z
Freddy Z Oy oldin
These young players geting paid might be a problem in the locker room after a bad day on the field. These guys are not pros and they are very young
Justin York
Justin York Oy oldin
It's all bs. These kids gotta earn the right to be called a professional. That's what motivates young kids to pursue. This will only trickle poison down on young men's and women's motivation when you reward them before they have met their true potential. Just my opinion
raider nation
raider nation Oy oldin
But you're fine with a multi billion dollar corporation making money off of them
hal warner
hal warner Oy oldin
This coupled with gambling will corrupt college sports.
raider nation
raider nation Oy oldin
It was already immensely corrupt. This just levels the playing field. College sports is big business and tye athletes are the ones who make it so.
Jarrett Shaw
Jarrett Shaw Oy oldin
why does this look like it was filmed on tape
Ryan Coyte
Ryan Coyte Oy oldin
Summer Club Shoe Circuit should be turned into a Junior Basketball League like Hockey's CHL. This would be hype. Entertaining and allow players to embrace the monetary. benefits of NIL. NBA needs to buy the ABA for a reserve league and they need the G-League to be like Soccer's Professional Development League in England. NBA needs to utilize a Youth academy-style system with Youth Development teams with U-23 and U-18 teams where they develop skills with NBA-caliber coaches in their team's system. This would develop chem with other players like Fc Barca did in Soccer.
losdog911 Oy oldin
The thing it's going to affect is the NFL. If you're a superstar QB and a terrible team is about to draft you and you've made 20 million in endorsements. You hv a lot more leverage of where you play because the money won't mean as much. Alabama QB Bryce Young has a deal with Cashapp already.
Justin R
Justin R Oy oldin
Did she just tell Paul to give Reggie Bush his Heisman back? Who does she think Paul Finebaum is?
Trevor Mitchell
It's always the white man complaining about black people are about to make money.
Paul Campos
Paul Campos Oy oldin
Idk how to tell you this but it ain’t the schools business how they make their money now.
CC8 Oy oldin
Paul is an idiot the NCAA shouldn’t even be a thing.
Cajun Calvin
Cajun Calvin Oy oldin
This decision will create a monster that creates more monsters.
Cajun Calvin
Cajun Calvin Oy oldin
@hal warner Right on !
hal warner
hal warner Oy oldin
Once this is coupled with gambling LookOut.
Jason Jacobs
Jason Jacobs Oy oldin
Time to eliminate the equally worthless Title 9
Jason Jacobs
Jason Jacobs Oy oldin
Just now figuring out the NCAA is worthless? Welcome to Earth Paul
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Oy oldin
Can u please get her off that show
jasyn zangari
jasyn zangari Oy oldin
college sports r done now...elite athletes r only gonna worry about their money and its gonna become the NBA and NFL lite. whiny little babies running around not caring about their teams, just their endorsers and their back accounts.
Azzan Jett
Azzan Jett Oy oldin
We talking about money 💰
AndrewJ1313 Oy oldin
I DO NOT LIKE PAUL! But he is 💯 on this take. The NCAA could have controlled this and made it very beneficial for all, instead they did nothing and now it's the "wild west."
FrankyB Oy oldin
Let the kids get paid. If their play declines because of distractions, so will their money.
Andre Johnson
Andre Johnson 4 kun oldin
Not every kid is going to get PAID, it's going to be only a few, and it will cause problems on teams, it's coming
Jimmy Dykes
Jimmy Dykes Oy oldin
Anytime you get money involved there's going to be some major corruption going on
As if money wasnt involved already. Look, if you want to get corruption out of the ncaa, then demand that ncaa, tv networks and universities stop making massive money too. Not going to happen? Fine, then allow the players to make money as well.
Colin Schenck
Colin Schenck Oy oldin
Exactly. Recruiting will change. It won't be about facilities, tradition, winning, etc. It''ll be all about how big of a deal from a business the school can promise a kid once he gets on campus
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish Oy oldin
Oh please, NIL will only benefit the stars. It's NCAA's way of throwing the dog a bone but not feeding them perse. I am against salaries for college players BUT every NCAA player across the board should get equal (regardless of skillset, because then it's gonna be individual salary) and respectable allowance.
Joshua Footman
Joshua Footman 13 kun oldin
@Ricky Spanish they are allowed to get endorsement deals which is all one can ask for. You don't have an opinion on someone who should be able to profit off their likeness.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 13 kun oldin
@Joshua Footman I am totally against student athletes getting salaries because it makes college and education seem irrelevant. I am however all for higher but equal allowance (regardless of talent level) that is determined by how much a team makes commercially. Football and basketball obviously gets the lion share. Since you are still in a college team, everyone gets the same amount of allowance, everyone gets to eat. Then apply the NIL rule so each individual athlete can make additional income outside of the team.
Joshua Footman
Joshua Footman 14 kun oldin
@Ricky Spanish that's why the deal needs to change the students create huge opportunity where lots of money is made
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 14 kun oldin
@Aron Campos well, considering the NCAA is a dictatorship, your comment is kinda redundant.
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 14 kun oldin
@Joshua Footman What part of amateur collegiate scholarship deal do you not understand?
Monte Craig
Monte Craig Oy oldin
I can’t stand professional sports. Stopped watching in 1992. Now I’m done with college too. I sent my college athletic department a check for 35 consecutive years. Never again.
Mark75 L
Mark75 L Oy oldin
Roy Valentine
Roy Valentine Oy oldin
Is women’s basketball even a sport? Why do they always have to throw these annoying women into men’s sports? Her voice makes me cringe
Johnathan Butler
Why did Finebaum say that about Keyshawn?
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown Oy oldin
Our business, working with local boosters, have begun to save money to hire opposing starters to come to our competitor's business during the playoff games instead of play, in the case that our team is in the National Championship. We are hiring the ones that are are not good enough to be drafted so our money goes further. If there is any backlash, our competitor's business gets hit with the negative publicity. We assume it will only work for players that don't anticipate playing the next year. Can't wait to see how Nick Saban makes adjustments to his line up when multiple players have other arrangements during the play offs. Best part is the University can not match our offer as that is still a big No No under the NCAA rules.
Mr. Colenburg
Mr. Colenburg Oy oldin
So this is the REAL QUESTION. How come everyone, EXCEPT the athletes can make money off the athletes EXCEPT the athletes themselves? 🤷🏽‍♂️ THEN...... you come with the FREE EDUCATION DEBATE 🤦🏽‍♂️!! Coaches are making MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OFF OF THESE COLLEGE ATHLETES and ALL THEY GET IS A FREE EDUCATION? Man o man, I wish people were simply as smart as their degrees say they are.
Colin Schenck
Colin Schenck Oy oldin
So with your argument...what about high school athletics? Everyone except the students are making money off of games. All state level athletic commissions are making millions. College isn't about signing endorsement deal. About learning who you are as a person. If you want to make money, go get a job
Jared Smith
Jared Smith Oy oldin
Thank God.. the NCAA were just a legalized cartel
Jdawg10 Oy oldin
Who tf cares if these kids do good for themselves after a lot of them come from nothing stop holding them back for selfish reasons
Randy Farnsworth
Paul has been worthless sense birth😂😂😂
joshua still
joshua still Oy oldin
Y’all talking lyk the product on the field is not what makes you marketable lol. It’s literally in the kids best financial interest to be as good as they can on the field.
Harold Hall
Harold Hall 14 kun oldin
Its not. Now it's all about money, how quickly (from elementary school to highschool and college) can you brand yourself. This will mot end well... alabama, florida, georgia, lsu, auburn, michigan, osu, clemson, miami and "maybe" usc will from now and until forever become the disneys and warner bros of the ncaa.
Richard Lawler
Richard Lawler 27 kun oldin
Aren’t they on scholarship? Aren’t they getting a free ride? If you’re on the “FREE” train, get the EDUCATION! In case that knee blows out!
Gopher Fan
Gopher Fan Oy oldin
Dave Lambert
Dave Lambert Oy oldin
LAFFO 1980
LAFFO 1980 Oy oldin
The ncaa college system is the SOLE reason the USA produces great athletes and dominant Olympic teams. It is a brilliant system that is a constant production line for talented sportsmen/women providing free professional training and education for 4 years giving athletes the opportunity to make the most of their gifts and maybe go professional or represent their country. These kids should be thankful to the ncaa not sulking
2bigbufords Oy oldin
Paul turning into the old stuck in his ways white guy
2bigbufords Oy oldin
About time. 50 years late
braden lewis
braden lewis Oy oldin
Lincoln Rileys not going to stumble with this Paul!!!!!
Ronald Shiffman
College athletics, as it has existed in the past, is wrecked permanently. If I were a college president, I would seriously consider eliminating the entire athletic scholarship program and instituting club athletic programs. Under the new laws, students are allowed to profit off of their name, image, and likeness. Fine. But the question all college presidents have to wrestle with is: Is the student athlete really a student or is she using the college's name to gain access to lucrative financial arrangements? And are all team members profiting equally or are the NIL laws inherently unfair - benefitting only a few? Since professional, money making sports are dominated by men because the primary audience is men, what does NIL due to Title IX rules? I don't see how universities can legally transfer money from the men's football program to the women's field hockey team. Bottom line: the rules have changed. College athletes are now entrepreneurs. Revenues from the football teams pictures and jersey sales should in part go to the players - not women's rowing.
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