'The end of the NCAA as we know it' - Paul Finebaum's reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling |Get Up 

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'The end of the NCAA as we know it' - Paul Finebaum's reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling | Get Up
Paul Finebaum and Heather Dinich discuss the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously affirming a ruling that provides an incremental increase in how college athletes can be compensated.

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22-Iyn, 2021



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The Video Game Archeologist
End of the NCAA as we know it, and potentially getting a real playoff in College Football so we can find out who the actual best team in the nation is, and not who the best team amongst teams that pull in great TV ratings.
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller 29 kun oldin
How about paying student athletes with federal work study! The government will match their paychecks with a financial aide scholarship!
DG youtube
DG youtube Oy oldin
Tax money rules. Lawyers are about to make millions. The end of sports is near.
Bryce Sattler
Bryce Sattler Oy oldin
"No Lamborghini Rule" Week 1 everyone shows up in Ferrari
Bryce Sattler
Bryce Sattler Oy oldin
Paul's gonna start smoking blunts now 😹💪
NPAMike Oy oldin
NCAA is dead. Power Five is on the rise. Remember when the Euro soccer teams tried to form a new super league that's whats coming to the NCAA the Power Five schools will form their own super league for bigger sponsorship deals and not share of them with the St. Bonnaventure's of the world.
Russell Musser
So are they going to have to pay for there education since that was free for scholarships. Will no longer watch. They were getting money for college.
WVB Oy oldin
Down with the ncaa
Master Mao
Master Mao Oy oldin
About dam time
James Hagan
James Hagan Oy oldin
Congratulations to everyone pushing to pay players. College sports will now be limited to Football and Men's Basketball. The only two sports They can actually make money off.
brian saunders
In a very short period of time it will evolve into paychecks for players. Feinbaum is right and maybe prophetic. The camel's nose is under the tent with this ruling.
Dave Lambert
Dave Lambert Oy oldin
I wonder how this will affect the vast majority of teams and sports whose players' "market value" as an athlete is much less than the market value of the scholarship they are receiving.
Irish Cowboy
Irish Cowboy Oy oldin
The one time I agree with paul!
King Austin
King Austin Oy oldin
This is the best thing for the student athletes and it will keep improving because athletes should be allowed to get money off of their likeness and should be paid however they want to get paid and get endorsements.
James Blue Lightning
I don't believe kids should be profiting from the going to college. I also think that colleges, non profits and churches alike should be paying taxes as normal business entities because non profits are profiting.
m m
m m Oy oldin
Why does the NFL get anti trust exemption, but NCAA doesn't?
Bigfriendly15 Oy oldin
So does this mean that the NFL will likely have to start some kind of farming system for many of it's future players? It's hard for me to see the schools paying money for every player that might have a chance to play as a pro one day.
v art
v art Oy oldin
Jason Bailes
Jason Bailes Oy oldin
And here I thought it was an understood even trade. Athlete goes to school for free, school gets paid from athletes talent. It seems to me they are being compensated with a free education. Best thing that could happen is end all national college sports.
Melanated God
Melanated God Oy oldin
The players deserve it. Putting their bodies on the line for a dream that most of them will never see. They should get paid for that alone.
Gaming Dreams
Gaming Dreams Oy oldin
College football will be destroyed over this.
Gary Beauchamp
No one asks the question, what about bench warmers, back ups who hardly ever play? Will they be compensated or left out in the cold? To me this is going to create a lot of problems on teams between the players. Some will make out like bandits but many will be left out of all this wonderful money while in college. Maybe we should just abolish college football and have "minor league" football run as a business like baseball.
g t
g t Oy oldin
Not if the colleges and universities are the ones to define " educational related benefits " I see some wiggle room for the NCAA here.
starbery911 Oy oldin
Oklahoma had players posing in front of rolls Royces 😂
bigbake132 Oy oldin
Maybe the end of the corrupt SEC/Southern schools paying players under the table.
Joe Info
Joe Info Oy oldin
Can someone explain to me how this will affect college football, because that’s my favorite sport and I don’t want to see anything change
AntBall77 Oy oldin
What’s funny it’s took 100 years for the Supreme Court to step in now I wonder if all the players that set the foundation will be compensated
Stephanie Gormley
Here come the Title IX lawsuits.
Johnny Mason
Johnny Mason Oy oldin
You may as well make the NCAA no longer exist! This will more likely mean I will eventually stop watching college sports entirely! If you're going to make college sports a minor league, then I don't see a reason to support it anymore!!! I will be done!!!!
Wall Street Dave
Can the D1 college baseball players get more than 11.7 scholarships for 40 players???
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Oy oldin
How would this affect D3 athletes? D3 athletes can’t receive athletic scholarships. They can only receive academic scholarships.
busyrand Oy oldin
Athletes need some of the time they dedicate to their sport to be compensated as a collegiate job. I was so broke, hungry and poor. They couldn't even buy me running shoes because it would be a violation, so I had to ruin my only pair of shoes as my workout shoes. Being an athlete with a STEM major was impossibly hard.
Beo Wolf
Beo Wolf Oy oldin
This will end any chance for small colleges to attain good players.
Beo Wolf
Beo Wolf 19 kun oldin
@David Edwin The schools you mentioned arent the ones I'm talking about. Those aren't small colleges. The richest schools will be buying up all the talent. Smaller schools will be forced to closed their programs all together most.
David Edwin
David Edwin 19 kun oldin
@Beo Wolf, But they won't be able to buy up all the talent. They now have to pay everyone on the open market. And they can't pay them all because it will be costly. That means other rich schools will be more competitive in this system. Schools like Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, Nebraska, Duke, Georgia, Florida, Texas, etc., benefit greatly. Those schools are very rich and have massive fan bases. They will be able to compete because they can openly use their fan bases to buy players now. But you may be right about small schools. I think this is going to hurt them drastically.
Beo Wolf
Beo Wolf Oy oldin
@Jacolby xBx I'd bet most every former college player would've went were the money was. If it were allowed when they were in college. It's an inescapable fact that people go where the money is. Unless they're on some sort of religious crusade 😂
Beo Wolf
Beo Wolf Oy oldin
@Nihility That will be especially true once teams like Alabama and USC start buying up all the talent. Because they're going to create more smaller schools😂
Nihility Oy oldin
Not really. Players can get the opportunity anywhere if they put in the work. Just look at JJ Watt, 2 star central Michigan recruit and became a star. The bigger colleges have always got all the 4 and 5 star athletes but dont sleep on those 3* and under athletes
Vorlon Angel 1811
OK, just a brief look at the numbers says that if 100,000+ people attend a power-5 college football game at an average ticket costs of $65-$85 , or more in some places, plus parking fees, concessions, souvenirs etc... That falls somewhere between 6.5 and 8.5 MILLION per game in tickets alone. Multiply that by 6 home games and that brings in somewhere between $39 & $51 MILLION per season (in ticket sales alone), and we are only talking the regular season, not bowl games. Student athletes DONT need the money derived from high tuition. As a matter of fact, not fiction, if the money made from athletics were allowed to STAY within athletics, does ANYONE think the cost of tuition would actually decrease like some people think? If anyone believes that, I have a bridge for sale. LOL
Rodney Dockins
Now you have to expand the playoffs
Mick McGuire
Mick McGuire Oy oldin
A conservative court too awesome!!
DaWon Oy oldin
Does this mean Jim Tressel is exonerated? Can he sue the NCAA for damages? Is he allow to wear his vest again?
Dave K
Dave K Oy oldin
Funny how my comments get taken down...nice censorship UZblock/ESPN!
ltravail Oy oldin
Why don't they allow the same thing for high school athletes. The big high schools recruit the best players they can find from all over the country just like the colleges do. And fans of big time high school football buy player merch too. I think what the ruling is really telling us is that a college education is all but meaningless nowadays, especially since they teach little of value anymore. They're just sports factories now. They recruit the best basketball and football players they can find for their money-making programs - regardless of academic aptitude - and admit "students" primarily for the purpose of filling up the "student" sections of stadiums and arenas.
Paul Brown
Paul Brown Oy oldin
The rich schools get richer and the poor ones will be playing badminton as a spectator sport.
Matt Spychala
Matt Spychala Oy oldin
Capitalism!!! Live it
CIF 1994
CIF 1994 Oy oldin
@Paul Brown its cracked and quickly falling into ruins! 😉
Paul Brown
Paul Brown Oy oldin
@CIF 1994 NCAA worked hard to have a shinny image but below the surface there was rust and tarnish.
CIF 1994
CIF 1994 Oy oldin
@Paul Brown as the saying goes, give something to get something! we may only have mens basketball and football and only 62 teams instead of 120? and swiiming diving wresting will all be club teams. but hey, some get paid
Paul Brown
Paul Brown Oy oldin
@CIF 1994 That's what change means. Agree with you, someone is going to lose out.
tmklunk Oy oldin
ynp1978 Oy oldin
I grew up watching and loving college football. From my earliest memories in 1971 up until 1998 the college game was fantastic. First the joke called the BCS....then in 2014 the inevitable playoff...and now expansion of that format is sure to come. College football has become nothing more than the shitty pro version. Pretty soon we will have millionaire 18-20 year olds running around campus and really could care less about the academic side of College. It is sad that a beloved sport is now F.U.B.A.R.
Dave K
Dave K Oy oldin
Wow... I didn’t know ESPN covered sports anymore. Last ‘SportsCenter’ I watched was pure woke garbage mixed with Twitter feed nonsense. Keep riding that horse until it dies...along with the few viewers you have left.
Shane Ward
Shane Ward Oy oldin
If you are a professional sports fan it's a win for you!I don't watch any professional sports so it is really sad!This just makes another pro league!Who cares!
Shane Ward
Shane Ward Oy oldin
This is the end of college sports!Sad
Punit Modi
Punit Modi Oy oldin
hunter Scott
hunter Scott Oy oldin
I don't want 4 or 2 sec teams in the playoffs I only want the conference winner so it gives other teams a chance and Notre Dame needs to join a freaking conference or they get kicked out of the playoffs like seriously.
Tom Blount
Tom Blount Oy oldin
The NCAA has ruined College sports.
hunter Scott
hunter Scott Oy oldin
I just don't think this is a good idea still. There were 2 seasons Alabama didn't belong in the bcs or playoffs. This will just extend sec's team chances I just don't think that's very fair if 4 sec teams are in the playoffs then yes no wonder why they win all the time I just don't understand why the committee likes the sec so much can other conferences get a chance like really.
Kendra Brown
Kendra Brown Oy oldin
Bunch of crybabies
Aqurá Brown
Aqurá Brown Oy oldin
I love it!
D Schiappa
D Schiappa Oy oldin
The 12 team proposal was finally going to even the playing field and eliminate the power 5, Now with compensating the athletes, with no structure around those compensations, the Power 5 is back simply because they can afford to do this more than other conferences. So once again, college football is titled towards the power conferences.
Dadson worldwide
The authoritative socialistic ncaa is broken . Now they shouldn't have kneeled to stupidity and or pushed such authoritative oppression it caught up with them. When you open cans of worms and take advantage of unwritten rules of conduct it leads to backlash you won't like. Its always the ones who have to ruin a good thing by taking advantage of loopholes that then are firced to get detailed . See state of Florida busy nailing down more defined rules that judges would handle tbe fine lines on now being written in law itself leaving no wiggle room . Everything always will have fine lines that step on some toes. Better it be a few than the many. . But this ncaa stupidity has now cost every non profitable college sport especially women greatly. . It will be interesting to see how many sports are dropped by each college. If fb bb players get a big piece of the pie it won't be able to subsidies women's tennis much less track n field
Donnie Meekins
They are ruining college football it will be the NFL soon
Wes green
Wes green Oy oldin
Mr potato head
Transplant Helper
the whole world is messed up and our supreme court is ruling on sports. STUPID
Aaron Lovell
Aaron Lovell Oy oldin
The bottom 40 ncaa d1 teams will have to fall to d2. There will be only about 80 d1 schools in the future. And that's what we need.
Christopher Cringle
Poor five star players will be getting a pay cut!!
I am Nobody
I am Nobody Oy oldin
Naw the university of aLABAMA has plenty of money. They will be fine.
roman Gonzalaz
If your a fan of a school with deep pockets it’s great day lol 😂 poor school are screwed
Edward Norton
Edward Norton Oy oldin
The National Football League and the National Basketball Association need to establish a system of minor league "farm" teams to bring up young players into the major leagues. Professional baseball and hockey have done this for many years. Colleges need to limit their sports teams to authentic students who have the aptitude to pursue academic study.
Michael Barnett
Using that logic, they’ll be paying little leagers to play soon…
Micah Johnson Boxing
If they generate money than yes. The new NCAA football Playoffs will bring in 1.75 billion a year.
Cloudy Skies Productions
Bob Busby
Bob Busby Oy oldin
The NCAA is a corrupt organization anyhow, selectively punishing Universities and letting others slide with egregious violations.... I'm pointing the finger at you North Carolina, 18 yrs of academic fraud and faced zero violations. That was underhanded and I lost total respect for the NCAA after that, I no longer recognize them as an honest trustworthy governing body for College athletics.
John Loye
John Loye Oy oldin
will this lead to rich schools getting richer and poor schools getting poorer? think about it. now if i am a high school athlete i am going to the school that pays me the most. this could actually ruin college sports
John Loye
John Loye Oy oldin
now it will not be just for the love of the game but like the pros for a paycheck. and like the pros athletes follow the money instead of loyalty to a specific team. there is no I in the word team
Mark Gibbons
Mark Gibbons Oy oldin
This will be meaningless w/out transparency. Hopefully it will bring to light this strange business of making millions off of teenagers and calling it a net benefit for the students.
D Scott
D Scott Oy oldin
Well stated 👏👏👏👏👏
David stowe
David stowe Oy oldin
Will pass players be able to collect money from college and universities
Frederico Terrell
Now Mr. Finebaum How about you be Honest and Start telling some of those 5 Star recruits they don't have to all Stay in the SEC if the Athlete is good enough to be a recruit in that and Never Play he can play in any other conference in the Country ✌
Dontaye Whittaker
Everyone's mad because the black athletes can now profit off of their blood, sweat and tears lol
JJ Standing
JJ Standing Oy oldin
Somebody should interview Dale Brown
JJ Standing
JJ Standing Oy oldin
So high schools can do this too now?
Gator Nation
Gator Nation Oy oldin
This decision is far overdue. But if anyone thinks these kids are not getting under the table Money are looking at the world through rose colored glasses
Flip Oy oldin
We close to getting a college football game fellas.
Joe Dyer
Joe Dyer Oy oldin
Its over for group of five and the lower levels of college football
sunofpeter2 Oy oldin
How so?
Joseph Mellen
Joseph Mellen Oy oldin
The naysayers are always available to predict the end of the world.
Joseph Mellen
Joseph Mellen Oy oldin
Great ruling
Fancy Oy oldin
I am beyond ecstatic that the NCAA has been completely neutered. I've long despised it. Now maybe my alma mater can go back to our Indians mascot. F the NCAA!
Fancy Oy oldin
@Otávio Ferreira Indiana Univ of Pennsylvania.
Otávio Ferreira
North Dakota?
Tracy Burns Burns
What a mess!!
Matt JBG
Matt JBG Oy oldin
All of us can come together around this. F the nccaa plantation system.
Michael Gallagher
Long overdue. NCAA is a tyrant who needed to be smacked down.
dj012001 Oy oldin
Oh, you mean the 12 teams that are left playing D1 football in 2025. I am glad I listened to this. I had forgotten how irritating and self congratulatory Mr Green is.
ComeOn Man!
ComeOn Man! Oy oldin
And people thought that the SEC was dominant before, just wait. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, and Auburn are about to widen that lead.
Levi Shorkie
Levi Shorkie Oy oldin
I can imagine college’s imposing incentives on the players and then working with the coaches to make sure incentives aren’t reached. Could they stop offering athletic scholarships and make the athletes pay tuition and room and board?
Kevin C
Kevin C Oy oldin
I think you will just see top athletes playing overseas in pro leagues until the various American sports figure out a way to monetize it. If you’re a top NBA prospect, what possible reason do you have to attend a university for 2 semesters even for free, never-mind pay for it?
Js Hooper
Js Hooper Oy oldin
The NCAA has been a corrupt exploitative scheme from the beginning. It's gotten more egregious in modern times. It's far past time for it to go.
Jaime IT
Jaime IT Oy oldin
Replace by nothing. The NCAA will seek lawsuit protection from Congress. Maybe they survive, maybe a new College-Sports entity needs to be created. Colleges are still going to play a central part in the business, what changes is that they now have a choice to make, and an obligation to pay salaries if the choice is to keep participating in the billion dollar industry of Student-Athletes. Colleges struggling and more big colleges dominance? Would you rather have a Clemson, Ohio State or Alabama degree over a Harvard, Princeton or Standford one? Again, it is a question of priorities and choice. As a college, do you want to spend more on the academics aspect of it, or do you rather want to center your efforts in Professional Sports TV contracts?
Gary Beauchamp
Replaced by what? I am no lover of the NCAA but it seems to me some rules are needed don't you think? What about all the other sports that don't make money or draw endorsements? I see chaos with the big colleges being even more dominant than now.
WT Keeton
WT Keeton Oy oldin
"The end of the NCAA as we know if." Good riddance. Time for the Power 5 to break off on their own?
Jedi49er Oy oldin
LLS...so they just initiated plan B...get ready for state-of-the-art facilities...tech dorms for student athletes...smoke and mirrors...like Woody said...NCAA violation over gold watch Willie buying a blue chip a hot dog will still stand..they AIN'T changing nothing...the circus and its performers must entertain.
Garland Granger
It you are going to pay these athletes for playing sports at a university, then the athletes should pay the full cost of attending the college like every other student. Paying students is going to create a few outstanding programs who are willing to pay the most money and the rest of the colleges will suck. I hate what is happening to college sports by turning them into professional programs. Lets not forget that these students pay no tuition to get an education.
The Scatman
The Scatman Oy oldin
Everyone knows that the revenue made became bigger than the level of scholarships. But the NCAA opted to take a hardline stance; treating athletes like they were still in the 1950s! With that said, one is worried about the unintended consequences, such as a University of Hartford dropping hoops to DIII.
Greg Dismukes
Greg Dismukes Oy oldin
The Courts just saved College Sports.
Greg Dismukes
Greg Dismukes Oy oldin
@lil gucci not necessarily football, but in basketball players where starting to make different moves to get paid.
lil gucci
lil gucci Oy oldin
From what?
Michael Carter
About dame time making million off kids and don't want to give them a dime but supreme court say no no u not above the law NCAA ha ha ha kids get yo 💰
RAM Transport LLC
The end of indentured servitude
If you all want to keep it all college football , go get some 3 star players and see how far you go.
Gary C. Mercer
What kind of dumass lawyers would allow this suit to progress to this ridiculous stage. 9-0 decisions are rarity and a reflection on just how stupid the powers be that make up the NCAA.
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Oy oldin
Good I hope all these colleges go bankrupt, they are warping kids minds anyways..good job Supreme Court
0137Scout Sniper
They are amateur athletes. This is a sad day.
Canine Twang
Canine Twang Oy oldin
the NCAA lets the bluebloods do as they please under Mark Emmert. They clobber Ole Miss or Mizzou but not the LSUs or UNCs
Canine Twang
Canine Twang Oy oldin
@Ontario Nagasaki they sell a lot of NCAA merch for Mark Emmert
Ontario Nagasaki
I'm still scratching my head over UNC admitting the bogus classes and got away so clean, they won the title the next season
Michael Dark
Michael Dark Oy oldin
God be praised. magine being rich, being too lazy and ignorant to come to even the slightest agreement. Let's petition to fire the government or take from their pocket Money is good for only three things : fun, investing, and giving.
Michael Dark
Michael Dark Oy oldin
@W. Keller she's no scam, av been trading with her for quite some time now, I guarantee you she's the best. Why don't you give her a trial and stop this criticism
W. Keller
W. Keller Oy oldin
Crypto scam comments…..DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THEM…..they will take your money!!!!!
Bailey Baker
Bailey Baker Oy oldin
@Stephanie Davis welcome to the crypto verse 👍
Stephanie Davis
I just completed my trades with Miss Stephanie colts 🎉🎉 Believe me she's truly the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading,
Michael King
Michael King Oy oldin
I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 I and my colleagues gave her a try and it has been good returns with our investments, Thanks miss Stephanie colts🇱🇷
Jason Hladik
Jason Hladik Oy oldin
Old school over here… but all those classes and degree sure are expensive. Seems like payment enough if it were me… but I’m just a peasant over here who’s family had to pay for all that rather than get it for free
jpsou76 Oy oldin
paul is just sad that everyone can pay players now not just bama and lsu football...leveled field now
Jay Doll
Jay Doll Oy oldin
They should get paid after they graduate smh
Sarah Poisel
Sarah Poisel Oy oldin
Well it means kids like arch manning can sign a shoe deal today. The NCAA is done.
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