Tennessee coach Josh Heupel on the Volunteers' QB competition and his expectations | SportsCenter 

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Tennessee coach Josh Heupel on the Volunteers' QB competition and his expectations | SportsCenter
Tennessee Volunteers head coach Josh Heupel joins SportsCenter to set his expectations for the upcoming college football season.

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20-Iyl, 2021



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Benjamin Robbins
Benjamin Robbins 21 soat oldin
The NCAA is a joke. They love to do things like sanction schools like Tennessee to flex their muscles. But have no interest in sanctioning any of the schools that matter. It’s disgusting
trainmaster0816 3 kun oldin
LFL the dumpster fire known as UTrash, enjoyable to watch the past 15+ years. Keep it going Joshie doughboy.
Oreo Puppy dawg
Oreo Puppy dawg 3 kun oldin
Thanks coach, Go Bailey!
Ryan 3 kun oldin
I remember Josh beating Saban's Alabama at OU as the offensive coordinator. Dude really packed on the pounds. Yikes 😳
Ali S
Ali S 4 kun oldin
He will have the guys ready and pumped. The talent is there. The resources are unmatched in the country. It's only a matter of time until Tennessee wins another national championship.
jorge floed
jorge floed Soat oldin
like 20 years
Terry Hill
Terry Hill 6 kun oldin
I heard the same story under Lane kiffin ,Dooley, Butch Jones and Jeremy Pruitt and everyone knows how that ended
Tim G
Tim G 7 kun oldin
The SEC is so much better when Tennessee is strong! They are an old SEC blue blood.
Joe lane
Joe lane 7 kun oldin
I’m not getting my Hopes up
Sooner Science Nerd
Sooner Science Nerd 10 kun oldin
josh, you became bigger since your Football years in OU...
WillB Backup
WillB Backup 10 kun oldin
Heupel will be another failed Tennessee coach. Honestly, he did not get his later UCF team up to their potential.
Richard Bishop
Richard Bishop 10 kun oldin
how much potential did that team have? the fact is this is a better coach than a 3 win team facing NCAA sanctions should have been able to get.
Knight-Time 10 kun oldin
I’m so glad UCF was able to get rid if him. Thank you, Jesus.
randolph brown
randolph brown 6 kun oldin
He left UCF. He wasn't fired.
Terry Brunk
Terry Brunk 10 kun oldin
That's going to take a long time.....
Chris_P_Bacon 11 kun oldin
Josh comes from a solid winning tradition at Oklahoma, and he's won everywhere he's been. However, He's walked into a tough situation at Tennessee. I wish him luck.
James 11 kun oldin
I really hope he’s the guy that gets it done, but man, it’s a tough sell
Redneck Patriot
Redneck Patriot 11 kun oldin
I like this guy. He seems like an honest, hard working person. Also, he answers questions like he knew the question before it was asked. Always has a great, thorough answer. Go Vols!
Luke McCardle
Luke McCardle 9 kun oldin
Yeah really I was tired of hearing `AIGHT' all the time. Lol
Xander Crews
Xander Crews 11 kun oldin
He got fat
Stephen Webb
Stephen Webb 9 kun oldin
He is not that fat
Xander Crews
Xander Crews 10 kun oldin
@Robert Kyle No, actually quite the opposite. It's sad bc I remember him as the Oklahoma QB, and I get guys add weight when they get older, but he really got fat.
Robert Kyle
Robert Kyle 11 kun oldin
So did you
MANSTER 54 11 kun oldin
Vols rout Dawgs in November brawl. Georgia is the better team all the way around. But my Vols will be carrying 3 losses at this point and pride with experience and a loud Neyland crowd bring the upset. Go Vols !
MANSTER 54 5 kun oldin
I dont think 9 games is bad. A bowl win makes ten. I’m 58 and born a Volunteer. Lived through it all so be quiet dummy
MANSTER 54 5 kun oldin
Its the 10th game and a late weird date for a weird rivalry. Ten games in, the Vols should be as good as they are gonna be and starting to mesh. If the Dawgs are undefeated, and I hope they are. Their confidence will be sky high. Ripe for another crushing blow to teams that are almost .500 and started playing in 1899’. The better team loses half the time in this series
Ricky Green
Ricky Green 7 kun oldin
Are you crazy MANZTER 54. Will be a blow out for Georgia.
Luke McCardle
Luke McCardle 9 kun oldin
I hope your right , Go Vols!
LeBron Colbaugh
LeBron Colbaugh 10 kun oldin
Maybe 2 losses.... tryvto be a VFL instead of a pessimist
Harold Leach
Harold Leach 11 kun oldin
Drew 12 kun oldin
Were all behind you Coach Heupel! Go VOLS
Dan Tanna
Dan Tanna 2 kun oldin
Ron Jones
Ron Jones 4 kun oldin
Trevin Holmes
Trevin Holmes 4 kun oldin
@Terry Brunk nah we were in front of them cuz they fucked us... smh
Lucas Sharp
Lucas Sharp 6 kun oldin
@Terry Brunk ......
Joe Berry
Joe Berry 8 kun oldin
Go vols Go.
Walter Davis
Walter Davis 12 kun oldin
We have to set our goals high beat alabama
jorge floed
jorge floed Soat oldin
no shot
tider77 5 kun oldin
There are some goals that are just unachievable
TB Lightning Bolt
TB Lightning Bolt 12 kun oldin
Feeding him well
braden lewis
braden lewis 12 kun oldin
Josh is going make Tennessee relevant again!!! He is a genius!! Rocky Top give him a shot!!! He is a smart man!!!!!
Dan Tanna
Dan Tanna Kun oldin
Same thing you guys said about Butch
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 5 kun oldin
@Richard Childs. You like inbred bama.uh?
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 5 kun oldin
Yes he is!! I love our New Coach!!! GBO!!
Richard Childs
Richard Childs 11 kun oldin
@Robert Kyle apparently you.
Robert Kyle
Robert Kyle 11 kun oldin
@Richard Childs who cares what you think
Peter Gardipee
Peter Gardipee 12 kun oldin
That's my quarterback! I hope does well of course, but I can say one thing for sure - You've got a good man there.😎
TB Lightning Bolt
TB Lightning Bolt 12 kun oldin
He ate a quaterback
Charles Webb
Charles Webb 13 kun oldin
Recruiting will be key
Charles Webb
Charles Webb 3 kun oldin
@trainmaster0816 lol,not against bama bulldogs gators....Sooners horns
trainmaster0816 3 kun oldin
2-3 star recruits will get it done.
Charles Webb
Charles Webb 11 kun oldin
@Robert Kyle can't coach speed,we are being out recruited
Robert Kyle
Robert Kyle 11 kun oldin
Coaching first
Tony Geinzer
Tony Geinzer 13 kun oldin
The missing ingredient in the Power T is Transparency and I feel the AD Faux Pas at Orlando was replacing a Nebraska for an Oklahoma, and Knoxville is stuck on a Torontoian Focus and not in a good way, either.
Michael Youngdeer
Michael Youngdeer 13 kun oldin
Go Vols! I'm not a football coach and never will be. Many of the naysayers out there probably aren't either. Shut up and let the coaches coach and the players play. If it don't work out, so be it. Either way, I'll be a VFL
First Name
First Name 8 kun oldin
@Peter Gardipee it was fun having yall in town a few years ago. I wouldn't mind seeing yall join the conference. I want to see Texas join just because the melt A&M fans are having right now is amazing. Once the ink dries, it will be a historical melt.
Michael Youngdeer
Michael Youngdeer 12 kun oldin
@Peter Gardipee I've heard that rumor too. It'll be great if it happens
Peter Gardipee
Peter Gardipee 12 kun oldin
A Sooner fan here just checking in on my QB. I like the way you think Volunteer. Rumor has it that the Sooners and Vols may be getting to know each other a lot better in the future. 😎
Robert MAYS
Robert MAYS 13 kun oldin
Go HARRISON B....you rock..!
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 14 kun oldin
Tennessee will have a lot of transfers starting
John Doe
John Doe 14 kun oldin
matt WiLLiam
matt WiLLiam 14 kun oldin
-Go BIG🍊 !!!!!!!
m m
m m 14 kun oldin
Go Vols!
Savage Sooner
Savage Sooner 14 kun oldin
Tennessee gonna be really good in a few years, Coach Heupel is a great coach.
Richard Childs
Richard Childs 11 kun oldin
@Robert Kyle triggered much?
Savage Cabbage 13
Savage Cabbage 13 11 kun oldin
@Robert Kyle exactly im just as good as heupel. I should be the coach
Robert Kyle
Robert Kyle 11 kun oldin
@Savage Cabbage 13 have you
Robert Kyle
Robert Kyle 11 kun oldin
@Richard Childs can you do any better loser
Savage Cabbage 13
Savage Cabbage 13 14 kun oldin
he hasnt even head coached a game at tennessee yet.
Richard Childs
Richard Childs 14 kun oldin
I can't believe the lows that this one glorious program keeps falling to. Go Vols... I guess.
J G 12 kun oldin
Good ole Flummo
Julian Rodriguez
Julian Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
You said it. It's crazy to think UT is on the same level as Kentucky, Mississippi State, Vandy, Arkansas etc 🤢🤢
RoSmash 14 kun oldin
He was awful at UCF and gradually ruined our team’s performance and Locker room culture year by year and failed to capitalize on recruiting in our region. His play calling has no variety and was terrible at making adjustments once the game plan was figured out. I wish him the best of luck at UT, hopefully he’s grown as a coach since then.
J G 12 kun oldin
LOL…good luck with Gussssss.
Kyleigh’s Antioch High School Softball
Yeah how awful offensively stats got better every year and went 28-8 as HC. Dam how awful he sucks
Rowdy Yates
Rowdy Yates 13 kun oldin
It’s UCF. This guy is a power 5 coach not whatever UCF is
TBleach 14 kun oldin
Go Knights
Nick Lally
Nick Lally 5 kun oldin
Charge on!!
Guy Vanpool
Guy Vanpool 6 kun oldin
Go vols f knights
Ron Jones
Ron Jones 6 kun oldin
Charge on
John Doe
John Doe 14 kun oldin
Charge On!!!!!!
Jim John
Jim John 14 kun oldin
Charge On
Dropped cookie 46
Dropped cookie 46 14 kun oldin
UCF definitely upgraded lol
Dropped cookie 46
Dropped cookie 46 11 kun oldin
@Hillccs How is he overrated? He’s one of the best high school football coaches in arkansas history and got to a national championship his first year?
Hillccs 11 kun oldin
Not a chance, Gus is so overrated he lost to Pruitt his first year…
joshua bailey
joshua bailey 11 kun oldin
@James SS Just because they suck rn doesn’t mean they aren’t a premier program. They have everything to win a title, they get the recruits. they just need a coach and i’m sure they will call to Gus Malzahn when they have another coaching search on 2 years
J G 12 kun oldin
LOL…Gus Malzahn! Ok you will see.
Dropped cookie 46
Dropped cookie 46 13 kun oldin
@joshua bailey Eh yeah i could see that. It really depends. He’s making good money with a decent team who has a easy schedule. I guess we will have to wait and see.
Lathan Tabor
Lathan Tabor 14 kun oldin
2006 Tennessee vs. Georgia Highlights
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