Paul Finebaum wants Reggie Bush to get his Heisman Trophy back | Get Up 

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Paul Finebaum wants Reggie Bush to get his Heisman Trophy back | Get Up
Paul Finebaum discusses whether former USC Trojans standout Reggie Bush should get his Heisman Trophy back.

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2-Iyl, 2021



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MrAaaaaaaaa9 20 kun oldin
Absolutely not. He broke the rules then why should he get it back now? The rules were the rules
Leapheng LENG
Leapheng LENG 27 kun oldin
He deserves his Heisman back. It's odd how the NCAA do not let the Athlete to make money under their own name and likeness. Stupid rule just to make money for themselves.
richard jeeves
richard jeeves 27 kun oldin
He broke the rules. If he gets everything back then we may as well make murder legal. There are rules for a reason. He needs to remain a disgraced cheater. These dudes are idiots.
B Bryant
B Bryant 28 kun oldin
Like Wale said a couple years ago in Heisman watch "will the NCAA please give Reggie his trophy? And I hope the NCAA pay the players like coaches"
Eddie Robbins
Eddie Robbins 29 kun oldin
Im with reggie its some guys who going to get money and never will be talented as him so this man put in hard work money dosent build talent
Mark Wills
Mark Wills Oy oldin
Paul Finestupid is just not right! That is stupid. Break the rules you pay. That is what is wrong with society there is no punishment for breaking the Rules!!
Josh Grothues
Josh Grothues Oy oldin
I pretty much disagreed with everything Paul said in this clip.
Josh Grothues
Josh Grothues Oy oldin
Reggie might be the best CFB player I've seen......BUT NO, HE BROKE THE RULES AND CHEATED THE GAME.
Biil Smith
Biil Smith Oy oldin
He dersve it back
whoknowsthis1 Oy oldin
Pete Rose should be in the hall
Freak Davis
Freak Davis Oy oldin
Everyone knows thats his trophy.
Bryce Sattler
Bryce Sattler Oy oldin
farley toussaint
Bush should get it back
David Lard
David Lard Oy oldin
Why not ? He only received something around $600K from he school for his efforts. Now that the new rules prevail on paying them it is the death of the NCAA anyway.
Miller the Official
One of the most explosive college athletes I've ever seen on TV. His hard work and play on the field deserve the 🏆. The soundtrack to College Football NCAA 06 was also 🔥🔥🔥
B Bryant
B Bryant 28 kun oldin
Haha yes! That me myself and I by de la soul! 🤣🤣
Damon Outlaw
Damon Outlaw 29 kun oldin
@garrett phipps what rules? He didn’t do drugs or PEDs or anything to cheat the game, he didn’t physically harm anyone. He didn’t receive an unfair advantage on the field
garrett phipps
garrett phipps 29 kun oldin
His hard work got him millions of dollars in the pros. He broke the rules and should have to pay the consequences. That's the way the world should work.
Michael Johnson
Race for the Heisman 06 soundtrack is still a workout playlist of mine to this day. I was so excited to see that many people had the same nostalgia; I didn't even need to make the playlist, there were several on Spotify.
Crocs with Socks
I hope that Mr. Bush gets his Heisman back and his records back retroactive.
Mark Wills
Mark Wills Oy oldin
That is just stupid!!
Byron Herrera
Byron Herrera Oy oldin
And while there at it.. ...give USC their National Title back
Trey Roberts
Trey Roberts Oy oldin
Abe Salha
Abe Salha Oy oldin
The NCAA has forever been getting away with the highest levels of organized crime. The governing bodies who perpetrated these crimes should not stay in power !!
Travis Sullivan
NIL has nothing to do with why Bush lost his heisman. Edit to add that I do think he should have it back, and that he did nothing really wrong with how much money is in CFB. He was looking out for himself. It's just he lost it due to 'improper benefits' which included getting money from an agent, which even the recent Supreme Court case doesn't protect against. (hopefully the next lawsuit will deal with that and this BS of amateurism will be thrown out the window)
Sean Byrd
Sean Byrd Oy oldin
Give it to Vince lol we all knew he deserved it but he proved it on the field a few weeks after.
Michael Johnson
They didn't give the Heisman to Vince Young or any other runner-up after stripping Reggie. The trophy is just vacated, give it back to Reggie, no harm here.
Mark Wills
Mark Wills 29 kun oldin
@Michael Johnson I respect your opinion, and I promise I am not making it political - I think we need to replace all of Congress because they have done such a horrible job. ALL OF THEM!! It spills over into sports, and I am older and probably more of a rules guy, but History also tells us that Countries who struggle with the rule of law - and Rules in general - have a moral breakdown - which leads to a political break down and eventually leads to a country breakdown. In fact look at Russia, Venezuela, Germany in the 1930's and the list goes on! It all starts with bending the rules - and not having consequences to breaking the rules!
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 29 kun oldin
@Mark Wills I see what you are saying. Again this is college football, we aren't necessarily talking about all those other political/ economic issues. I get what you are saying with my mindset as well as other like-minded people such as myself. I'm willing to bet that those people as well as myself know the nuances between the issues you're talking about and college football. There's more wiggle room for change in sports/ entertainment and even though the rule was not what it was when Reggie won the Heisman, his transgressions were not to such a degree that he should be stripped of the most prestigious honor in college football, in my opinion.
Mark Wills
Mark Wills Oy oldin
@Michael Johnson You don't get it, our society is in HUGE Jeopardy because of your thinking. He was stripped of his award because he broke the rules, it is that simple. When you break the rules there are consequences. We live in a society where you can break the rules cause MASS HISTERIA and MASS CASUALTIES and then expect no consequences. 63,000,000 babies dead - 27,000,000 of them black. Murdering babies is against the rules - yet we murder them everyday. The Government spends TRILLIONS on things the CONSTUTION SPECIFICALLY says not to. We are now in $30 Trillion of debt - and have placed all this debt on our Children and Grandchildren to pay for. Come on Man, the rules say "Don't Spend any money on things that are not specifically mentioned in the constitution of the United States. 80% of that $30 Trillion is spending that should have NEVER HAPPNED. IN THE FUTURE our children will have to deal with it - if they do not the economy WILL COLLAPSE. The Rules are there to follow - IF you break them there are consequences. To even suggest you can break the rules and have no payment - and then see Hundreds of People agree proves that they have no CLUE about people. Look at all the dead people in Chicago a direct result of Government Dependency and the Lack of Hope some people have for LIFE.
Michael Johnson
@Mark Wills, it's college football not any kind of U.S penal code, these guys should have been allowed to use their own names to profit years ago. Instead, you had boosters secretly (not so secretly) bankrolling players' families behind closed doors. If profiting from your own name in college football is needed and it should have been allowed during Reggie's era. All of that aside, the money didn't affect his performance. He's not out here taking PEDs. Reggie cashed in early, which was pretty harmless in my opinion.
Mark Wills
Mark Wills Oy oldin
That is stupid. Break the rules you pay. That is what is wrong with society there is no punishment for breaking the Rules!!
BensonSooner Oy oldin
Shouldn’t get it back at all. The rules were what they were back then and everybody played by the same rules.
Grune D
Grune D Oy oldin
He earned it on the field no doubt about it. The mistakes that were made off the field USC has paid hard for them all these years. To this day they have a lame duck as a coach. 👍
Trevor Smiley
Trevor Smiley Oy oldin
Fab 5 ….Give them their shine
Trevor Smiley
Trevor Smiley Oy oldin
Should’ve never had it taken….. ncaa mafia
Coolcatamapro Cat
Give it back to Reggie Bush & Induct Pets Rose in the MLB Hall of fame & Lance Armstrong bicycle titles back 😂 isn't it crazy how they a few dictate the History
Open Minded
Open Minded Oy oldin
Pete bet on games, lance took PEDs, Reggie got paid by a booster the first two are incomparable to Reggie
Knock Out
Knock Out Oy oldin
No. Those were the rules back then. If you broke the rules you broke the rules and should have been punished.
Shawn T
Shawn T Oy oldin
No matter how much people are against him getting the trophy back. Reggie was most definitely the MVP that year. So you don't have to give it back. We know he won it. Good luck fighting about giving Reggie the trophy back...
Volsboy Oy oldin
He/they broke the rules that everyone else followed at the time. No he shouldn't get the trophy back.
Nicholas Woods
Alabama Ohio state and Clemson are not happy about this new rule
Jared Smith
Jared Smith Oy oldin
If I broke the speed limit, got a ticket, paid a fine, and then years later the speed limit changed for that road, do I get a refund for that ticket I paid? Nope. Bush shouldn't get the Heisman back for clear rules he broke.
Open Minded
Open Minded Oy oldin
@Coolcatamapro Cat I hear you but when talking in terms of integrity of the sport, which is what they said reggies payments were undermining, that affected 0 games. Theres no telling how many games were affected by betting on them or races won due to the use of PEDs
Coolcatamapro Cat
@Open Minded Illegal is illegal
Open Minded
Open Minded Oy oldin
@Coolcatamapro Cat impermissible payments is in no way comparable to betting on games, and taking PEDs.
Coolcatamapro Cat
Same reason Pete Rose isn't in the MLB Hall of fame & Lance Armstrong got his accomplishments taken yes there where all caught breaking the rules above the others in there sport I don't think a few people shouldn't be able to dictate the history books.
Blacklight Productions
He had nothing to do with what his parents did... His parents are the ones that excepted a free house not him... He put blood, sweat and tears on the field... He should have never even given the Heisman back... And if people continue to push it (which they will), the NCAA will give it back... And you can't compare speeding in car risking death on you or someone else to a college kid's parents excepting benefits... The speed limit is there to protect you, the NCAA rules are and were pointless which is why they're changing... So come up with a better metaphor.
John Wayne
John Wayne Oy oldin
At the time the rules were put in place four players to be honest things have changed today that was over 15 years ago get over it Reggie
P Jean
P Jean Oy oldin
Wonder if Nick and Dabo switched up there recruiting pitches? “You can Make money or win a NC and we make money?” Kinda sorta like this right?
Alex18 Oy oldin
Give it back to him
Jeff Tee
Jeff Tee Oy oldin
I want to take his side but those were on the pretty serious side of impermissible benefits. I get it, it doesn’t involve what he did on the field, but then again he dated a Kardashian so he doesn’t really show good judgment in other aspects of life either 😆
Nava Che
Nava Che 27 kun oldin
U wack yo truly the weekest link ever.
So he’s a bad guy for dating someone? Did he do drugs? Did he harm anyone? Did he cheat on the field? You sound low iq. Stfu and go back to watching telli tubbies.
Davy Jones
Davy Jones Oy oldin
Fair point, but I do agree that this has nothing to do with how he preformed on the field compared to stuff like illegal substances that actually alters ur play on the field.
Gilbert Velasquez
Finebaum wants his hair back too. I dont think that will ever happen.
FBMG_IAm pooda
It don’t have nothing to do with that man talent give him tha trophy back
yes he should get it back , giving the new rules let players make money in college, he should get his heisman back !!!!
Dirk Ketron
Dirk Ketron Oy oldin
It doesn't matter if he gets it back. We all know that he and his family broke the NCAA recruiting rules. His Heisman will always be tainted.
HipHopR&BLover Jon
What recruiting rules? Because he didn't break any. If you're insinuating that he got paid to go to USC, you're dead wrong.
RIP to the Goat
Tainted? He didn't cheat on the field
Scarlett Grey
Scarlett Grey Oy oldin
How about Ohio State getting back 12 wins from 2010?
James Stinson
James Stinson Oy oldin
What was the deal?.... Free tattoos or something.... Yeah as a bama fan I agree....and bush should get his Heisman back....
Still lost to Vince and the Horns.
Robert Fitzpatrick
@Knock Out how so? Didn’t A&M just finish 9-1 with their only loss coming from bama
Robert Fitzpatrick
@krisko713daclarke 😂 man the programs are in two different directions
Knock Out
Knock Out Oy oldin
And both programs hit the shitter after that game.
@Robert Fitzpatrick I see you're still crying in the present. 🤣
Robert Fitzpatrick
I see you’re still living in the past 😂
nofknway Oy oldin
Give back the cash, get the trophy..........
nofknway Oy oldin
@HipHopR&BLover Jon My God you're an idiot.
HipHopR&BLover Jon
@nofknway Then every rich person should do that.
nofknway Oy oldin
@HipHopR&BLover Jon Nah. Give it to the homeless of L.A. where he became a "star". See how generous he can be.......
HipHopR&BLover Jon
Give back the cash to his agent? Why? And when will the NCAA give Reggie his share of compensation for making them richer?
Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson Oy oldin
David Cole
David Cole Oy oldin
Sorry he received Improper Benefits which is cheating. He should not get Trophy back.
Kung fu Khi
Kung fu Khi Oy oldin
He received what should have been right just Bc something is a rule doesn’t mean it’s right that’s why they changed give that man his trophy 🏆
Terrance Campbell
I think
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord Oy oldin
Jesus Christ died for you. He is coming back soon‼️ repent and accept Him into your life! If you are willing to give your life to Jesus say this prayer: Father, I am a sinner and I’m sorry. I am willing to give up my ways of living and accept Jesus. I confess my sins, I forsake my sins and turn away from my sins. I believe that Your Son Jesus Christ died for me on the cross and rose again on the third day. Jesus, I believe that You are Lord. I give my life to you, my life is no longer my own but Yours. Thank You for this new life, I give You all of mine. In Jesus Name Amen. Now go and sin no more :)
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord 29 kun oldin
@Jason Weed He never sinned
Jason Weed
Jason Weed Oy oldin
Jesus died for his sins. Not yours
Marcel Miller
Marcel Miller Oy oldin
Nobody told Bush to hand back his Heisman. He choose to himself so please everyone shut up about give him back his Heisman
Christopher Morales
He gave it back because everyone knows who won the Heisman Trophy that year, regardless of where the trophy is located now.
First Last
First Last Oy oldin
Why don't you just turn off your TV and phone so you won't here any Reggie Bush talk?
Justin A
Justin A Oy oldin
He gave it back out of integrity, now it's their turn to do the same.
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