Paul Finebaum on if the Supreme Court ruling will lead to college athletes being paid |  

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On , Paul Finebaum joins Mike Greenberg to discuss what college football would look like after the Supreme Court's ruling that backs student athletes in the NCAA compensation dispute.
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26-Iyn, 2021



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Tyler Burns
Tyler Burns Oy oldin
Is there anyone who doesn't believe this would lead to an increase in point shaving or throwing games?
Gareth Johnson
Seems simple to me. You can as a college pay for the education but then allow players to make money doing other things, ie advertising, personal merchandise etc. Still technically amateur, in terms of players not being paid directly to play college football.
George Jones
George Jones Oy oldin
Now they can pay for their education it's business now no more free rides the rest of us pay now it's the way it should of been for years it's simple the colleges can actually save money bring them on with contracts no more free ride on both sides a lot of young people pay for their college education no more back door deals no more dark money it will keep both sides honest
Brutus Smithers
Eldon Paul
Eldon Paul Oy oldin
Great, time for these kids to get paid. Times have changed
tyrone sanford
U pay them.HBCU can’t pay the players,only certain schools can.Power Five.
Dirk Ketron
Dirk Ketron Oy oldin
If they start paying these kids I will treat the sport as a cancer and stop watching, just like the NFL.
Chris Berryman
Not an airport, no need to announce your departure 🤷
Jay Anderson
Jay Anderson Oy oldin
Clown alert. F OH you sound like a grandson of a slave owner
Landon L.
Landon L. Oy oldin
Boomer alert.
NIL is coming very soon, next week in some states. Actual contracts between the university and the student-athlete are probably on their way in the next couple of years. The concurring opinion from the ruling makes it clear that the Supreme Court would hear a case on whether the NCAA is in violation of antitrust law. They invited potential plaintiffs to sue.
Esteban Santiago
Very complex issue with even more complex possible solutions. 1) athletes on scholarship are being paid. 2) the restrictions on said athletes is/has been far to stringent and fickle. Some sports at some schools require so much attention to the athletic part, that the student part is almost nonexistent. This is going to be very murky waters ahead.
when the BOT doesn't listen #shorts
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when the BOT doesn't listen #shorts
Ko‘rishlar soni 162 ming
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