Nick Saban interview on the 12-team playoff and the new NIL rules | Get Up 

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Nick Saban interview on the 12-team playoff and the new NIL rules | Get Up
Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban joins Get Up to discuss the new NIL rules and a possible 12-team playoff in college football.
0:00 Nick Saban reacts to the college football playoff possibly expanding to 12 teams.
1:47 Saban goes in depth on the new NIL rules and how that affects his program.
3:02 Nick Saban breaks down how Alabama’s offense will look like with Bryce Young at the helm.
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21-Iyl, 2021



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Sdotbell MMA
Sdotbell MMA 5 kun oldin
You think Nick Saban was a great could befor the NIL changes watch what’s about to happen.. he’s gonna recruit the top of the heap and get more titles
C Bama
C Bama 8 kun oldin
Im not for it ...but hey wut can i say......texas n sooners need to help pac 12 but ....im say rolltide
There’s 8 schools that can truly compete for the title every year (probably less but I’m being generous) because of recruiting and the gaps about to get smaller now players are getting paid. That’s why Texas and OU want in the SEC.
David Montgomery
David Montgomery 7 kun oldin
I would say there's only really three right now that can compete every given year. But eight does sound about right for schools that have the potential to compete once every few years. Edit: At least in terms of competing for a championship. Teams like Oklahoma can be relevant every year, but they were only really title contenders the Baker year for example.
Dude needs to hurry up and retire!
starbery911 9 kun oldin
12 teams is OD. 8 Is the perfect number.
John Dyer
John Dyer 9 kun oldin
Personally I think the entire football schedule and playoff system should begin from day 1. In my opinion a team should be allowed up to 3 losses. After that the season should be over. So you lose 4 games and your season is over. If you lose 4 or more games you won't qualify for the national championship anyways so why risk personal injury and emotional humiliation by dragging the season out even more? It makes no sense. The message is win or go home so why not save all the time and embarrassment with a playoff system from the very start?
John Starnes
John Starnes 9 kun oldin
“Everything in college has been even and equal” says the guy who has 37 analysts on his staff. Rich.
The Tide
The Tide 6 kun oldin
Don’t be a hater. He was talking about the players opportunities. When programs do well and win then their program grows and so does the budget because it brings the college more revenue
Redeemed 7 kun oldin
I think he meant among the players because. It will create an disparity among the players, a few players are getting more money and the others. How will they respond to that. Someone else has talked about that also. Most of the players are not going to be getting a lot of money for their likeness. A good number won't get anything. Will that cause jealousy among the players. Nevertheless at least the opportunity is there which is right. It just means they will need to market themselves better. I can see a whole lot of players posting the jerseys on their social media and wearing them around campus.😅
Salvador Martinez
Salvador Martinez 10 kun oldin
If players getting payed, NO MORE SCHOLARSHIPS!
Salvador Martinez
Salvador Martinez 10 kun oldin
Either way, the group of 5 gets screwed.
MetallicA AlabamA
MetallicA AlabamA 10 kun oldin
Get ready for the National Collegiate Football League. B1G/PAC to the north and west. The SEC/ACC included Notre Dame in the ACC. That will be the east and south section of the USofA. So the NY6 bowls will be in play. Here is how it works SEC 1. Alabama 3. LSU 2. Georgia(Ga/LSU will play at highest seeds home. Winner faces Alabama in Peach/Sugar/Orange in rotation. Winner of next game will play vs the ACC section winner. Same bowls will rotate. Alabama Clemson will play in Sugar/Orange/Peach rotate. Winner plays B1G/PAC winner. Rotate Fiesta/Cotton/Rose. So winner of B1G/PAC vs SEC/ACC winner. There is going to be 16-20 teams in 3 divisions. Winner of each division gets a seed. The higher ranked team will be the 1 seed, 2 and 3 seed. Or there will be power ratings that will have a decision too. Sorry people! But the NFL,The National Collegiate Football league, and mabe the FBS/FCS Mid major league will have their own championship, and it will be a way the smaller schools can make revenue and have a champion. But they will never keep up with the big dogs. Thats jist fact! And dont bring up that once in awhile win. Give me a break! But this is your new NCAA less football semi pro football.
Corey Moore
Corey Moore 11 kun oldin
They called him coach
pwayne 12 kun oldin
He literally makes millions off these players backs and stacks his team every year that's imbalance
Aero Slayer
Aero Slayer 12 kun oldin
I think he was referring to how teammates see each other because the second string guys will not be as popular and as a result, not make as much money. We have to remember humanity is greedy and petty at our very core. Players will become jealous of other players even though the more popular players do deserve more.
pwayne 12 kun oldin
Didn't see him call him Nick
BuzzLOLOL 12 kun oldin
C'mon, labeling 4 more bowls as 'PlayOffs' isn't going to fool anyone... have trouble finding 3 or 4 qualified teams as it is... only 3 last season... NIL $$$$ will ruin the fun of CFB... a shame greed won out...
Bobby A
Bobby A 12 kun oldin
From now on college football players will only take courses which will apply to and help their planned professional football careers. Also, all college football players will receive the same amount of money benefits as that of the top grossing player in any year for equity’s sake. The University that is attended will have to make up the differences that players bring in to that of the top grossing player. This will continue until college football no longer exists.
Nik Ivory
Nik Ivory 12 kun oldin
Coach Saban: well I think it's a question of how many pac12 teams will have the opportunity to get curb stomped and where...
Junior-Corrado Soprano
More steroids chemicals illegal payments. All he needs. Ask Florida
K.D. World
K.D. World 12 kun oldin
Bogus…You make millions a year but have a problem with the athletes earning what they deserve. Then say NCAA has always been equal but you the highest paid coach in NCAA even higher than some NFL coaches. Ok Nick.
Raul Espino
Raul Espino 13 kun oldin
Just a classical Nick Saban answer ....
Brian 13 kun oldin
The irony of Saban talking about caring about the players meanwhile getting mad and blacklisting players that decide to go to the NFL.....
The Last Handbook
The Last Handbook 13 kun oldin
How dare players make money for their image and likeness! Oh, and see you at the Chik-Fil-A kickoff. 🙄
GHOST LEGIT 12 kun oldin
He's not saying nil is bad. He saying paying players to play football is dumb which is facts. Both Saban and Dabo said this and I agree with both.
Alan Malae
Alan Malae 13 kun oldin
Well said 😂
Colin Schenck
Colin Schenck 13 kun oldin
Playoff should be 8 teams at most. The Power 6 and two highest ranked smaller conference champs. Must be in the top 25 or something to be eligible. If none, highest ranked non champ team goes. Indy teams in if ranked top 8 and would knock out lowest ranked smaller school. Random draw for first round matchups/home sites. New Years Bowls round 2. With Natty a week later. Would get some smaller schools to possibly host some big games and make conference champs way more meaningful. Then conference runner ups to their aligned New Years Bowls to play first round losers if they so choose. Match up them to avoid playing someone you already have
Brian 13 kun oldin
“Top 8 teams would beat up lower ranked school teams” 2013 UCF, 2014 Boise State, 2015 UH, and 2017 UCF would disagree with that statement. Even teams that lost would massively disagree with that statement: 2016 WMU and 2018 UCF.
Harry Engel
Harry Engel 13 kun oldin
Power 6? I thought there were five conferences? I would say the winner of each of those five, the best second place team in the power five, and the two best non power five. If done last season, we’d get the following: ACC: Clemson (2) Big Ten: Ohio State (3) Big 12: Oklahoma (6) PAC-12: USC (17) SEC: Alabama (1) Top second: Notre Dame (4) Non power five 1: Cincinnati (8) Non power five 2: Coastal Carolina (12)
Harold Ford
Harold Ford 13 kun oldin
Saban should drop those cupcake games Bama schedules every year.
Walter Savage
Walter Savage 8 kun oldin
@Harold Ford so you obviously still don’t have a point DICKHEAD
Harold Ford
Harold Ford 11 kun oldin
@Terrance Mckinnon Really, Mercer will get slightly more than $700k this year before expenses.
Terrance Mckinnon
Terrance Mckinnon 11 kun oldin
The cupcake game supply’s money for the lesser school.
Walter Savage
Walter Savage 12 kun oldin
@Harold Ford Roll Tide crybaby
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams 12 kun oldin
@Harold Ford I'm glad you told that Joe Biden lovin gun banning clown off..SEC baby
Johnny D
Johnny D 13 kun oldin
Roll Tide
GamerB Sports
GamerB Sports 13 kun oldin
I Agree With Nick As Well
Cudjoe The Hound
Cudjoe The Hound 13 kun oldin
You see how he respectfully says Coach & then they tryna play Coach Prime
Cudjoe The Hound
Cudjoe The Hound 13 kun oldin
@King Pickett listen to the reporter bro ……. He didn’t call him Nick . So what are you saying ??? He said “Coach” & Coach Prime should get the same respect. Right ?
King Pickett
King Pickett 13 kun oldin
That’s one person , Nick Saban says he doesn’t care what folks call him
C Hart
C Hart 13 kun oldin
Coach....coach....coach....respect coach Sanders.....
Brian Ransom
Brian Ransom 14 kun oldin
I wouldn't go pro if I had millions in College, because Pro Sports is Political and it will destroy your body if you stay it long.
Brian 13 kun oldin
In Pro Sports you get millions in endorsements and millions of actual pay....
vm brister
vm brister 14 kun oldin
I love Greeny, Love his work..excellent concise interview.. Greeny is so very good at what he does...my favorite at ESPN. Agree with Coach on every topic (Bet he wishes all interviews were that quick) Excellent, both of them!
rpc 13 kun oldin
You can tell Greeny puts the work in. He knows his stuff.
Larri Lindsey
Larri Lindsey 14 kun oldin
Let the players make as much money as possible! It's the NCAA fault for robbing past athletes of compensation. Don't scapegoat a player for lack of chemistry. Blame the oppressor where it originated from.
David Asbury
David Asbury 14 kun oldin
Always wisdom and truth when the GOAT speaks!! Roll Tide!
Johnny Cervantes
Johnny Cervantes 14 kun oldin
No way he would like the playoff expanding, the current system has worked wonderful for Alabama.
Chris Lane
Chris Lane 13 kun oldin
@Brian Yes, "undefeated in a weak conference." Alabama beat Georgia. Georgia is in the SEC. Alabama didn't lose by 31 to team that lost 5 games.
Brian 13 kun oldin
@Chris Lane “undefeated in a weak conference” And yet the best team Alabama beat in conference was LSU who as I recall lost 4 games that season including to Troy at home.... In fact the the only P5 team anyone of the top 5 of the AAC lost to that season was #11 Notre Dame and Michigan. They went 2-0 against the SEC, 3-0 vs the B12, 2-1 vs B10.
Chris Lane
Chris Lane 13 kun oldin
@Brian UCF beat auburn. Clemson, Georgia and LSU also beat auburn. Alabama beat Clemson, Georgia and LSU. UCF should not be rewarded for going undefeated in a weak conference.
Brian 13 kun oldin
@Chris Lane and yet by that same analysis UCF would’ve beaten Alabama....
Chris Lane
Chris Lane 13 kun oldin
@Brian No, I do not believe 2017 ohio state is beating 2017 Alabama. ohio state lost by 31 to an Iowa team that lost 5 games. ohio state lost to Oklahoma at home. Georgia beat that same Oklahoma team in the playoffs then Alabama beat Georgia.
Hufferbilly Paw
Hufferbilly Paw 14 kun oldin
I agree with Nick… great interview too!
GHOST LEGIT 12 kun oldin
@Luke Skyballer ofc u don't. U don't appreciate college football.
Luke Skyballer
Luke Skyballer 13 kun oldin
I don't.
Bama Roll Tide
Bama Roll Tide 14 kun oldin
The goat roll tide we going to repeat
Bama Roll Tide
Bama Roll Tide 7 kun oldin
@keith david 52-24 Roll tide that’s all that got to say
keith david
keith david 7 kun oldin
Not if Ohio State got something to say about it watch your mouth
Freddie Denler
Freddie Denler 14 kun oldin
Everyone is crying 12 team playoffs 17 teen games a year thier getting paid now so stop crying
Hufferbilly Paw
Hufferbilly Paw 14 kun oldin
@Frank Winford, Jr you are absolutely correct Frank. Some will make $$ … most will not.
Frank Winford, Jr
Frank Winford, Jr 14 kun oldin
Some will make money, most will not.
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 14 kun oldin
12 teams makes zero sense. Not enough talented teams. 4-5 this year maybe. Whoever says 12 only cares about money, not quality FB match-ups.
Ramona Ripley
Ramona Ripley 13 kun oldin
@Mo Vo how is a playoff game meaningless?
Brian 13 kun oldin
@Mo Vo and yet 10 years ago 3 of those teams were average at best if not complete garbage..... So much for “decades of research”
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 13 kun oldin
@Ramona Ripley already have bowls in playoffs right now, they are meaningless
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 13 kun oldin
@Brian watching cfb for several years decades, study, research talent, history, coaches, etc. Only see... OK, ohst, bama, clemson, GA as possible contenders right now
Brian 13 kun oldin
How are you determining the best 4-5 teams with the current system? The selections are never consistent....
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 14 kun oldin
If I wasn't good enough to go pro, I would do everything possible to mske $$$$ in college
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 13 kun oldin
@IcemanJuice yikes
Colin Schenck
Colin Schenck 13 kun oldin
Well now you can make more then a pro. Recruiting is now basically free agency. Kids are gonna ask what kind deal local businesses are gonna give them
IcemanJuice 13 kun oldin
@Luke Skyballer not true i seen two local athletes albeit really great athletes sign deals, one is a future d1 football player they could maybe go to NFL and the other is a track star.
Luke Skyballer
Luke Skyballer 13 kun oldin
There won't be many players making money that is less than NFL talent. Future NFL players are the ones that'll make money. Nobody's going to get paid to play football. That's the only way less than professional caliber athletes are going to make significant money.
IcemanJuice 14 kun oldin
Get a face tat ad
David Cole
David Cole 14 kun oldin
12 Team Playoff is too many Teams. Teams with 3 Losses and Non Power 5 Teams who play a bunch of Junior Colleges will qualify.
ashbartypartytennis 12 kun oldin
I like the big I-AA playoffs and shorter season :)
Brian 13 kun oldin
You are mistaken if the schedules of P5 teams with g5 teams. 2023-2031 Boise State plays ZERO FCS schools and at least 2 P5 name brand programs + 1 AAC team each year.
Baseball Dude
Baseball Dude 14 kun oldin
Yeah more teams really hurt basketball-Oh wait-Uh Gonzaga was in the Finals again-Oh wait they are a small school-recruiting to Spokane, WA is easy?-Oh wait-their in the middle of no where-darn my argument sucks Of course more teams make the season and more games relevant for longer across the country- all U SEC babies need to stop whining and figure out how to beat Bama-This 12 team playoff structure should help u get a few more recruits away from Bama-thats why Saban doesn't like it-he has a monopoly right now-SEC will probably get 2 if not 3 teams in anyway so what's the fuss about-this only makes the regular season games mean more deeper in the season and a team with a couple of early slip ups can finish strong and make a run-whats wrong with that?
Duke 14 kun oldin
i agree maybe an 8-6 team playoff, lessens that chance
Travion Scott
Travion Scott 14 kun oldin
Goat Status
Based Jaguars, Auburn, and Dame fan #F***theTitans
Tua got carried by his wide receivers and so did Mac Jones
Based Jaguars, Auburn, and Dame fan #F***theTitans
@BamaBorn BamaRaisedRT I must be doing something right cause you keep coming back and replying 😂
BamaBorn BamaRaisedRT
@Based Jaguars, Auburn, and Dame fan #F***theTitans Nah, you're literally the dumbest troll in the world though.
Based Jaguars, Auburn, and Dame fan #F***theTitans
@BamaBorn BamaRaisedRT bruh did you even read what I wrote I’m literally the greatest qb of all time
BamaBorn BamaRaisedRT
@Based Jaguars, Auburn, and Dame fan #F***theTitans Bet you've never even suited up in pads and a helmet boy.
BamaBorn BamaRaisedRT
@Brian Well, before Mac Jones broke the record Tua was the most accurate passer in CFB history.
DTC PEGASUS 14 kun oldin
Saludos desde México
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