Matt Campbell explains why he turned down NFL jobs to stay at Iowa State | SportsCenter 

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Matt Campbell explains why he turned down NFL jobs to stay at Iowa State | SportsCenter
Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell joins SportsCenter to discuss how he plans to meet higher expectations this season, describes the culture at Iowa State and answers why he has turned down NFL jobs to stay.

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14-Iyl, 2021



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David Hernandez
David Hernandez 7 kun oldin
I hope that Matt Campbell IowaSt wins outright the Big12 & that O-U also does well combine those two factors during the season. And quite possibly, not with U-Michigan & their season goes left sideways the boomer-sooner A.D., Joe Castiglione which by the way the best A.D., in the NCAA & Coach Matt Campbell would be a perfect combination to take the from the perennial darkness that the school is. To light & the end of the tunnel. GoBlue!
Mohammed Almaamari
Mohammed Almaamari 7 kun oldin
Buster Smith
Buster Smith 8 kun oldin
Just as he's building, the conference is closing.
Mattieg 6 kun oldin
Whether the conference holds together til the media contract is up or not, Iowa State will be in a power 5 conference. They'll be alright.
btetschner 9 kun oldin
Very interesting, 79'er here too. Thank you for the video.
jpsou76 10 kun oldin
Because he has integrity that money can't buy..i am a big fan of Campbell. I will miss playing iowa st. when Oklahoma moves to SEC fox and ESPN should hopefully not do the same thing to iowa st. that they did to OKlahoma make them carry the conference in their restrictive 11am time slots..
Nancy Young
Nancy Young 10 kun oldin
Drew Blunck
Drew Blunck 10 kun oldin
As a Iowa State fan I’m happy
Marcus Cook
Marcus Cook 10 kun oldin
Your going to love the big 10. Kansas too
Herman Blume
Herman Blume 12 kun oldin
Matt Campbell is a miracle worker... not only the best thing that ever happened to Iowa State football, but one of the best things to happen to college football, period. Ohio and Mount Union = Cradle Of Great Football Coaches
Mark ONeill
Mark ONeill 13 kun oldin
We, Texas, so thought that Tom Herman would do what Matt Campbell has done. But Herman outsmarted himself constantly and over-thought everything.
Mikie Edwards
Mikie Edwards 13 kun oldin
Don’t think enough people saw this vid and learned about this dude. He’s a class act
Austin Tuttle
Austin Tuttle 13 kun oldin
sleeper team for the CFP. easily
Michael Takahashi
Michael Takahashi 14 kun oldin
Iowa fan here. Love Matt Campbell a lot and the Iowa State program. I was rooting for u guys so much vs Oklahoma but u will get them next year. I think this years Iowa vs. Iowa State rivalry game might be one of the most hyped up games of the season and the biggest so far in the series. Good luck to u guys next season!
Travis Adams
Travis Adams 15 kun oldin
He's a stud bro
rick hayden
rick hayden 15 kun oldin
saw an interview with him after being hired but not having coached a game and told my son, am going to pull for this guy, just impressive. hope he and his family remain in ames for many more years, though they will come calling.
Caden Flodstrom
Caden Flodstrom 15 kun oldin
lets go!!
phiilp henderson
phiilp henderson 16 kun oldin
There's college football in Iowa? Yeah, nobody cares
bulldawg fan
bulldawg fan 16 kun oldin
Never knew who their coach was lol. Great dude he will do great things with that attitude and leadership hope the best for him and his program....good stuff I almost became a fan just then 😆
Lori Sharpe
Lori Sharpe 17 kun oldin
He has been a blessing to his team
SavannahREI 17 kun oldin
Let’s all be the best version of ourselves in 2021
David Lard
David Lard 17 kun oldin
Which, by the way, he would rather coach and be a life coach than cow down to an NFL owner and the team.
Michael K
Michael K 18 kun oldin
Knock Out
Knock Out 18 kun oldin
Texas will not rebound under Sark.
Chandler13 15 kun oldin
Agreed. Sark isn't a good head coach. His record as HC speaks for itself. He lucked out and got the Texas job because of the Ferrari of a program that Saban has built. Any ole Joe of the street could have been a successful OC with that team.
Joey Hickey
Joey Hickey 19 kun oldin
Talks like Andrew Luck
Ross Meusel
Ross Meusel 19 kun oldin
I think this Coach Campbell is gonna be for Iowa State what Bill Snyder was for K-State
Steven Vargo
Steven Vargo 19 kun oldin
This is just coach speak for once I win ISU a conference title, I'm outta here! Don't get me wrong, I think he's a good coach. But he won't be able to duplicate his ISU success at a top Power 5 school because he can't recruit at that level. For those who disagree with me, see PJ Fleck, Scott Frost, Rich Ridriguez, and many others who've tried and failed.
Ross Meusel
Ross Meusel 19 kun oldin
I feel like that’s coach speak “I’m here for the long haul” I think Matt Campbell will be for Iowa state, what Bill Snyder did for K-State
Chris Harden
Chris Harden 19 kun oldin
He has recruited a top 30 class.That says it all
Benjamin Robbins
Benjamin Robbins 19 kun oldin
I am a Hawk fan and really don’t like ISU… having said that, I had the opportunity to sit in on a Skype with coach Campbell and I like him a lot… he’s the real deal.
PhDShouse 8 kun oldin
Having CMC at Iowa State has truly made El Assico a more interesting rivalry game. Exciting to see what happens this year!
X Hawkeye
X Hawkeye 19 kun oldin
I too am a Hawkeye fan but Matt Campbell is a genuine article.
Esteban Perez
Esteban Perez 19 kun oldin
Swift Moves
Swift Moves 20 kun oldin
He will leave after this year everyone is leaving after this season
Tim and Hannah Newman
ya last year was just not a good time to move ISU has reached its cealing and probably just because of COVID
ALBERT WANG 20 kun oldin
Matt Campbell is more than a football coach, he is a life coach
ALBERT WANG 12 kun oldin
@Bama Roll Tide yeah the one flaw that isu has compared to Alabama is that we don't have as many good recruits cuz alabama has the good reputation already, I mean even before saban joined alabama was already decent aside from arguably the mike shula era but Iowa state's just been terrible all this time personally if saban went to Iowa state idek if he could have taken us to a playoff game in 6 ish years either
Bama Roll Tide
Bama Roll Tide 12 kun oldin
@ALBERT WANG ok coach saban was winning championships his 6 year I mean I know he’s not saban but this man been getting blasted by OU and company but whatever floats the cyclones boat works for me by the way I do think he’s going to put them cyclone in the playoffs if he beat Texas OU and OU state they are in I think
ALBERT WANG 12 kun oldin
@Bama Roll Tide look at the team he inherited vs the team now, it's his 6th year
X Hawkeye
X Hawkeye 12 kun oldin
@Bama Roll Tide but Les Miles won two national championships with the Tigers... 🤔
Bama Roll Tide
Bama Roll Tide 12 kun oldin
He a great coach but life coaches doesn’t win championships if you don’t believe me ask Les miles championships if life 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 roll tide
Brant Phillips
Brant Phillips 20 kun oldin
ESPN can f right off
Daniel Knight
Daniel Knight 20 kun oldin
This guy is going to land a massive HC job soon. Him and Luke Fickell.
BROK 17 kun oldin
Don’t forget about Pat Fitzgerald
XO MtHood
XO MtHood 20 kun oldin
You aren't paying attention, he is where he wants to be.
YoutubeTvAcct Mkandawire
Lol, he has one at ISU.
Mrtwin 20 kun oldin
Iowa state is not that good at all they are mid level at best
Mrtwin 18 kun oldin
@nmarty88 yeah you need help . It’s called government assistance they will give you everything you can’t get . They are amazing for people like you
nmarty88 18 kun oldin
@Mrtwin just would expect more from a person like you. Sad deal bro
Tomas Stacy
Tomas Stacy 18 kun oldin
Tell Texas and Oklahoma that !!
Mrtwin 18 kun oldin
@nmarty88 Marty you don’t want these problems because judging by your profile picture you need help on your life in every aspect 😂😂😂😂😂
nmarty88 19 kun oldin
Early childhood education degree and this is your mindset?
Cole Converse
Cole Converse 20 kun oldin
Top 4 coach in College Football
Savage Sooner
Savage Sooner 20 kun oldin
Love Iowa State coach, he is the real deal!
jpsou76 10 kun oldin
@TonyStewartfan that's fox fault they forced oklahoma hand because of the recruiting restrictive 11am kickoffs over the last 3 years OU asked it to stop and fox wouldn't relent even for one game OU had no other option
jpsou76 10 kun oldin
7soSavage 12 kun oldin
@TonyStewartfan 🙄😬😬😬
TonyStewartfan 12 kun oldin
Now you guys are leaving us
7soSavage 17 kun oldin
Same here and I'm just glad Texas didnt swoop him up somehow. Boomer!
Mobile gamer
Mobile gamer 20 kun oldin
Iowa state will hopefully win the conference this year
Mobile gamer
Mobile gamer 19 kun oldin
@CyHawk yes they do 🦅🦅
CyHawk 19 kun oldin
@Mobile gamer doesn’t Auburn have a more recent title than OU? 🤔
Mobile gamer
Mobile gamer 19 kun oldin
@Lathan Tabor we'll see 🦅
Lathan Tabor
Lathan Tabor 19 kun oldin
You got a long wait ahead of you
Mobile gamer
Mobile gamer 19 kun oldin
@Lathan Tabor lol nah I root for the underdogs as well I'm a proud auburn fan 🦅 I'm waiting for the year we get it going 🦅
Porter Johnson
Porter Johnson 20 kun oldin
Iowa St is the 2021 Cinderella football team.
Mattieg 6 kun oldin
I don't know if the carriage turns back into a pumpkin though. I think ISU will still be solid, maybe not top 10, but probably top 25 til some recruits come of age.
Ashley Lewis
Ashley Lewis 20 kun oldin
I feel like to many people don’t like Iowa state for them to be a Cinderella. People weren’t happy how high they were ranked last season.
Cass Lester
Cass Lester 20 kun oldin
Not really a Cinderella now.. returning Fiesta Bowl Champs
inst4rmin.x4_onYT 20 kun oldin
How? Lol
Kaliba King
Kaliba King 20 kun oldin
Would love to see it
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