Heather Dinich says the Big 12 will have two teams make the CFP: Oklahoma and Iowa State 👀 | Get Up 

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Paul Finebaum and Heather Dinich join Get Up to discuss the possibility of two teams from the Big 12 heading to the College Football Playoff this season.
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30-Iyn, 2021



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John Patton
John Patton 5 kun oldin
Notre Dame is not in the ACC...
ChillsandThrills 12 kun oldin
To add further insult to injury. Texas and Oklahoma just announced they want to join the SEC but nice try Heather lol
Justin Klinck
Justin Klinck 13 kun oldin
Yeah... no. As far as the big 12 goes. Only 1 will make it, IF they make it. And it would more than likely be Oklahoma.
John Erb
John Erb 14 kun oldin
Yeah this isn’t gonna happen
Caden Flodstrom
Caden Flodstrom 15 kun oldin
Agreed Heather
John Tate
John Tate 18 kun oldin
Listen to Finebaum. He’s a made man in the mob. He knows. I can’t stand these bastards.
John Tate
John Tate 18 kun oldin
That is complete and utter nonsense. Not the way the sports media mobsters and ESPN own the SEC and ACC. Look at the last few years. These entities I mentioned will argue with a straight face the the Playoff committee should allow a 2 loss Georgia in the playoff over undefeated or one loss Big 10 or Big 12. The mobsters will never let their money makers out.
DBSports 19 kun oldin
Unfortunately Heather, Iowa State doesn't have the 'name' of a Clemson, Alabama, A&M, Florida, Notre Dame, etc. 1 loss ISU ain't getting in over a 1 loss SEC or ACC team. Just the way this whole charade works 🙄
Coulter Gaske
Coulter Gaske 19 kun oldin
I'm an Oklahoma fan, but even I think Iowa St. could beat us... I'd rather just beat them twice though.
Bobby Ramsey
Bobby Ramsey 21 kun oldin
Too bad OU is going to lose to Texas. OU always chokes when the pressure is on.
Will Smith
Will Smith 21 kun oldin
Came strictly for the comments
Benjamin 22 kun oldin
She knows nothing
Dustin Glass
Dustin Glass 22 kun oldin
Honestly, it could happen but it would take alot. I think the most likely way is for Georgia to take 2 losses which could very well happen by losing to Alabama and Clemson. Then Ohio State would have to take two losses which is less likely but could happen. Also the Pac 12 champ would have to be a two loss team as well. But if all that happened, then in my opinion they would have to win the Big 12. At the end of the day the committee picks powerhouses so Iowa State would have to be a one loss Big 12 Champion in this scenario to get in. Even if it was flipped and there only loss was to OU. The committee would be skeptical just from the history of the program. I know it's not supposed to be that way but the committee has proved that by how they put a 2 loss Oklahoma team last year ahead of Cincinnati in the final ranking. I'm an OU fan and thought that was bogus. But if Ohio State and Georgia both took two losses, as well as the Pac-12 Champion and Iowa State won the big 12 realistically there is a chance the four could be #1 Clemson #2 Alabama #3 Iowa State #4 Oklahoma. Bama and Clemson are interchangeable at one or two in that scenario. In my opinion I dont think it will happen but not completely impossible.
OU Them SOONERS 22 kun oldin
Alabama Rattler wants A Rematch
OU Them SOONERS 22 kun oldin
OU Texas OU Notre Dame Big 12 OU Florida OU Alabama SEC OU USC OU Oregon pack 12 OU OHIO STATE OU That one's @the Big House because of Tom Brady. Big 10 OU Clemson OU Florida State. ACC if you want to represent Your Conference let's Do Power 4 Big 12 Expansion brings the SEC Big 12 Title Game. Still the High Flying Sooners Champions of the Big 12 Expansion
OU Them SOONERS 22 kun oldin
Notre Dame doesn't play In the ACC Independent Oklahoma would knock off the Power 5 if they want to trade
michael hammond
michael hammond 22 kun oldin
More proof that *diversity* does not translate into sound opinions. ISU won't even finish second.
Charles Keaton Brown
Texas A&M is trash
OU Them SOONERS 22 kun oldin
SEC send Bama send LSU send Auburn Send Florida ain't none of them knock off the 7x high flying Sooners Champions of the Big 12 Expansion Time
OU Them SOONERS 22 kun oldin
Get down there when the stadium starts to rock Boomer Sooner ask Mr Musberger or Mr Herbstreit. Cyclones not on the Sooners level
Matthew M
Matthew M 22 kun oldin
Imagine the stones of putting two teams from one conference. Happens to the SEC every other year..
D Sumpter
D Sumpter 24 kun oldin
People outside of this conference just don't get it man. Oklahoma is DOMINATE in the Big 12. Not just a little bit, not "kinda sorta." But by far. Always has been, always will be.
The Infinity
The Infinity 24 kun oldin
Dylan Moore
Dylan Moore 25 kun oldin
The SEC probably called ESPN after this and asked to have her fired.
mugwump 25 kun oldin
Playoff predictions: Ohio State Alabama Clemson Oklahoma In Other Words, Nothing Changes
A doG naMed BRUTUS
A doG naMed BRUTUS 25 kun oldin
Hoop Life
Hoop Life 25 kun oldin
Don’t matter, Oklahoma winning the natty 🔥
Godsbackhand7 26 kun oldin
This is nonsense. An undefeated Alabama, OSU, Clemson and ND are by far the most likely scenario, which would result in the big12 again getting left out in the cold again. Oklahoma had two losses IN CONFERENCE last year and Iowa state had three overall losses. Why is this even a conversation? BYU, Cincinnati and USC have much more compelling arguments over either of these two teams getting in, let alone both.
XEverlastingXChaosX 26 kun oldin
It blows my mind how ESPN FPI has Texas Am above Georgia with the pro stacked team they have coming back 🤦
XEverlastingXChaosX 24 kun oldin
@Christopher Foote ESPN must not know UGA has a blue chip rating of 80% and has one the easiest schedules in the country..Texas Am is nowhere approximately close as they have had their best season since joining the SEC..What standards are they really judging the criteria by? I'm kinda confused here lol
Christopher Foote
Christopher Foote 24 kun oldin
Well it's a pretty reliable method. Actually it's nearly always right. F.P.I. is quite reliable as a predictor to success. This isn't about Heather Dinich. It's about F.P.I. as an analytic. I put my confidence in it.
XEverlastingXChaosX 26 kun oldin
Georgia has a wayyyy better chance than Iowa St of making the playoffs with one loss...Totally lost perspective. 😂😂😂
Antonio Kauley
Antonio Kauley 26 kun oldin
Watch out for Oklahoma State
Chris Standingbear
Chris Standingbear 26 kun oldin
Won't happen. OU will beat the Cyclones in blowout fashion twice in the span of a few weeks at the end of the season vaulting the Sooners to the #1 spot if they weren't there already.
Justin Klinck
Justin Klinck 13 kun oldin
I doubt it would be a blowout. But Oklahoma will definitely win.
palmettohorn 26 kun oldin
The world is sleeping on Texas. Love it.
Godsbackhand7 25 kun oldin
@Chris Standingbear and they should be proud of only having three losses. That’s a win.
Chris Standingbear
Chris Standingbear 26 kun oldin
Texas will have 3 losses in the regular season and go to the Alamo Bowl which no one will watch.
Mario Duane
Mario Duane 26 kun oldin
Get off that narcotic!
Bucs Fan
Bucs Fan 26 kun oldin
We're laughing at you.
Chris Kennedy
Chris Kennedy 27 kun oldin
Finebaum wins this hands down. It’s not even close
Carl carr
Carl carr 27 kun oldin
Not gonna happen when ND takes one of those spots..... Just saying
Steve s
Steve s 27 kun oldin
Oklahoma is south
JoJo White
JoJo White 27 kun oldin
I guess Heather "Dingbat" is going with two one loss Big 12 over an undefeated OSU from the B1G?
JoJo White
JoJo White 25 kun oldin
@Godsbackhand7 I still don't think an undefeated OSU would be kept out of CFP. They bring too much TV money with their following.
Godsbackhand7 25 kun oldin
They are already more than happy to put an undefeated SEC along with a one loss SEC over anybody. ESPN’s hate for the B1G has been made known for years.
beatsbynorthstar 27 kun oldin
Bruh, ou will beat them twice, in the regular season and in the big 12 championship.
Justin Klinck
Justin Klinck 13 kun oldin
Facts. Only reason they won against Oklahoma last season is because Oklahoma was missing Stevenson that game.
Mrsamuraij I
Mrsamuraij I 24 kun oldin
Facts no 2 loss team is going to the college football playoffs
Jackson Baas
Jackson Baas 28 kun oldin
i love Iowa state and i hope she is right but we have to be realistic the only way we get in is if we go undefeated
Dustin Glass
Dustin Glass 22 kun oldin
Not undefeated. Conference titles usually act as tie breakers and Iowa State will be respectably ranked to start the season. So a one loss Big 12 Champion Iowa State team I personally feel would get the last spot. Over a one loss non conference champion Georgia team. They have never put a non conference champ in over a conference champ when they had the same record. The only time they have selected non conference champs to the playoff is when the conference champ had two losses. Like last year with OU, and they put Notre Dame in. Or when they put Georgia in when Ohio State won the Big 10 but had two losses. So conference titles act as tie breakers.
zacharylansing 28 kun oldin
Is Heather Dinich smoking Crack?
BTLFAEN 28 kun oldin
Possible. Pac-10 and ACC will have ZERO teams. Big 10 is DOWN.
King Lemarcus
King Lemarcus 28 kun oldin
Why are they forcing us to listen to womens opinions on football?
pauldew62 29 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😅yeah right lol I needed that thank you heather
Nessa S.
Nessa S. 29 kun oldin
Not two but one should ... but the games MUST be played.
MrAaaaaaaaa9 29 kun oldin
I mean she’s not wrong. If it does play out that way. Iowa states last year team would of pounded most teams in the sec and all teams in the ACC last year and they return EVERYONE. I doubt it happens, but it is possible if certain big name teams slip up. The issue is they’re not beating OU once so it’ll be 13-0 OU and 11-2 Iowa state
Brenda S Crowe
Brenda S Crowe 29 kun oldin
Heather has always been on the other side when it comes to The Alabama Crimson Tide or even the S E C . . Haters never have a clue they just hate ! Roll Tide Tuscaloosa Pride Alabama Style Roll Tide Alabama Crimson Tide 💯%🔥🏈 The pachyderms are coming to your town they're gonna beat your team down in the ground they're gonna leave your fans with a big O frown Roll Tide Roll ! Donald Woodall
Enigmatic Brain
Let’s just stop and appreciate the fact that some espn sports personality isn’t completely in the tank for the sec. Like Paul is for example, and every other member of this worthless network who covers college football! You’re all the real joke!
Mr Ingram
Mr Ingram Oy oldin
Really Heather? Stop it
fred perry
fred perry Oy oldin
Early predictions are seldom accurate.
Sam Kaufman
Sam Kaufman Oy oldin
Hahaha iowa state isn’t going to EVER make the playoff and like this is just stupid
George Gaskin
George Gaskin Oy oldin
Only if there are more than four teams!!!!!
Sean Harris
Sean Harris Oy oldin
I’m laughing and the video isn’t even over 😂😂😂😂😂😂 gtfoh
Massimiliano Giacometti
As a Miami and Ole Miss fan, I don’t want Alabama and Clemson going to the championship. I don’t even want Alabama and Clemson in the CFP
Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan 9 kun oldin
@Massimiliano Giacometti yep
Massimiliano Giacometti
@Kevin Keegan like 2019
Kevin Keegan
Kevin Keegan 9 kun oldin
Well unfortunately that is inevitable. Unless Bama gets 2 losses.
GeorgiaBoy Boomer
DayVid 1979
DayVid 1979 Oy oldin
ACC went 0-7 in Bowl Games last yr, yet they had 2 teams make the playoff. The committee & whole process is a joke.
Godsbackhand7 25 kun oldin
Clemson and ND were the third and fourth best teams in the country. The gap between #2 and everyone else was much wider than expected. Nobody else in the country was beating that Alabama team, so it really doesn’t matter.
Deeba Kwame
Deeba Kwame Oy oldin
every team has a great season once in a while. last season was just their (iowa state) year.....last season
Deeba Kwame
Deeba Kwame 12 kun oldin
@Justin Klinck right
Justin Klinck
Justin Klinck 13 kun oldin
And they still lost the Big 12 championship lol
Xander Crews
Xander Crews Oy oldin
Yeah, no. I love Campbell but Iowa St is not getting in. Perhaps Clemson gets left out, but that just means it’ll be 2 SEC teams, OSU, and Oklahoma
Noah L
Noah L Oy oldin
They can only lose to each other yet both teams will lose to Texas….
Fallen the Dweeb
Yea they could make it and then they will probably get obliterated by a real team.
Mattieg 21 kun oldin
by that definition theres what... 3-5 real teams?
DeepFeedGaming 56
Keep underestimating UGA it will make it much more sweeter
Justin Klinck
Justin Klinck 13 kun oldin
They were looking pretty fly in their spring game, no doubt.
Jeffrey Hodgson
Baseball Dude
Baseball Dude Oy oldin
How does Heather have a job? I'm sure she is a nice person but she normally states the obvious in most of her takes and every so often makes some outlandish "enlightened take" based on ridiculous speculation just to be different ESPN is a joke-lets get some folks that have real insight
hou bro
hou bro Oy oldin
Iowa St I will believe it when I see it.
Wade Jackson
Wade Jackson Oy oldin
I don’t want to see conference rematches in the playoffs.
Christopher Foote
Christopher Foote 13 kun oldin
Actually they would only rematch if there weren't viable alternatives. It seems fairly unlikely to occur. Texas Christian and Baylor came the closest. 2014. Both are likely admitted to a six team playoff. Neither were represented to four team. Meaning it's prohibitive.
Gene Phillips
Gene Phillips Oy oldin
Shes always wrong knows nothing about football
David Dyess
David Dyess Oy oldin
I think Heather needs to be drug tested.
david linder
david linder Oy oldin
Iowa st. that's hilarious.
Jim Bell
Jim Bell Oy oldin
You see them Arizona boys rattler and purdy
tjlift22 Oy oldin
Haha heather how much you want to bet?
Jessie Bonham
Jessie Bonham Oy oldin
This is why women shouldn’t be talking about football
Alvaro Alderete
Iowa st lol
Redeemer Hades123
F*** that boy had a guy take a baseball back to him
Roas Runna
Roas Runna Oy oldin
Why even play ?
T.K. Oy oldin
Bruh they’re not putting Iowa state in the CFP over a 1 loss team from the SEC that doesn’t win the SEC championship
D Hawk
D Hawk Oy oldin
As a AZ native I root for both Iowa State and Oklahoma cause both teams QB’s are from the Phoenix area… However…Both these teams will get thrashed in the playoffs 😂
Milton Smith
Milton Smith Oy oldin
@D Hawk To have a good (not "decent") defense in the Big-12 speaks volumes my friend; The Big-12 is noted for its explosive offenses. Surely you realize this. Those offenses helped the Big-12 to go 5-0 in the Bowl games last seasons. And this is the same OU defense that also shut down Florida in the Cotton Bowl and intercepted their star QB three times. Most all the prognosticators are saying this is the best Oklahoma defense of last 10 years. Guess we shall see. Appreciate your thoughts.
D Hawk
D Hawk Oy oldin
@Milton Smith time will tell.. Sounds similar to the last 5-7 years. Also a “decent” defense In the big 12 and the rest of the Power 5 are two entirely different things. But again I could be wrong.
Milton Smith
Milton Smith Oy oldin
Iowa State? Yeah. Oklahoma? No way. This Oklahoma team has its usual awesome offense but this year they complement their offense with a very good defense. If OU makes the playoffs this year, they may lose a close game to someone, but NO ONE will "thrash" this Oklahoma team.
Brian Rochelle
People are sleeping on Texas.Sark is about to school the big 12 ,The creativity and design of his offensive game plan that he put together for the National Championship game last year proved without a doubt he is one of the best offensive minds in college football. Texas don’t have the same caliber of talent that Alabama’s offense had last year. As long as there’s not a huge gap between them and the rest of the teams in the Big 12I don’t think there’s a better coach in that conference.I know that there’s not a defense that can stop his offense.Nobody did last year.
Milton Smith
Milton Smith Oy oldin
Don't mean to be argumentative but nobody could stop his offense last year because he had the best two wide receivers in the country, the best running back, one of the best QBs in Alabama history, a devastating offensive line; in short, he had 4 & 5 star talent all over the field. He ain't bringing that talent with him to Austin. And I honestly don't think that Sark is about to "school" the Big 12. He didn't show much when he was a head coach at places like Washington and USC. It was Alabama's amazing talent that made them so unstoppable, not Sark's talents as a coordinator. Just my two cents. Guess we shall see.
Brian Rochelle
Alabama, Clemson ,Georgia, Ohio State ,LSU ,Miami ,USC ,Oregon all have a better chance to make the playoffs than any team from the Big 12
Milton Smith
Milton Smith Oy oldin
Better chance that THIS Oklahoma team? LSU?? Come on! They no longer have that 2019 team. They sucked last year. Miami? Oregon? NO WAY. Anyone who followed football at all last year saw how good Oklahoma was at the end of the year on both sides of the ball. They toyed with Florida in the bowl game. Oklahoma will probably go undefeated this year and will be better than half the teams you mention.
Andrew Hopper
Andrew Hopper Oy oldin
I don’t think Iowa state will make it
Greg Speicher
Greg Speicher Oy oldin
Wow. This is a weak take.
Steph Harden
Steph Harden Oy oldin
Lmao a qb and rb cant beat an entire team. Espn seems to forget that a lot
Texas Rebel Country Cowboy
It'll never happen Texas will surprise everybody
Granite Guy
Granite Guy Oy oldin
she maybe on to something!!!!
Coby DesOrmeaux
This makes as much sense as a Joe Biden speech. How can she get paid to be an analyst?
Coby DesOrmeaux
Coby DesOrmeaux 25 kun oldin
@A doG naMed BRUTUS no, they didn’t. Business 101. People who say this are clueless as to how business works. 1. As I previously stated HE DID NOT TAKE A PENNY of his salary as The President (hence, tax payer money). 2. He utilizes HIS OWN properties. He OWNS a golf course empire. It is HIS business. Do you really believe the owner of McDonalds gets paid to sit in his office & work? No. The said business creates revenue and pays for the office. Turn your brain on them come back.
A doG naMed BRUTUS
A doG naMed BRUTUS 25 kun oldin
@Coby DesOrmeaux however, taxpayers pay for him to golf on his golf courses....
Coby DesOrmeaux
@Terrance Mckinnon short answer…he didn’t take a penny. He donated 100% of his salary to make our country better. But, that doesn’t mean 2 Big 12 teams have a chance to make the playoffs.
Terrance Mckinnon
Make even less sense than a Trump’s “Me-Me-Me” speech! How did he get paid to rob the country blind?
vistatiger Oy oldin
Good for clickbait. That's all.
Joe Veitch
Joe Veitch Oy oldin
Put both in and bama will curb stomp both. Last yrs title records may fall fast lol
Christopher Foote
Football Power Index is a quite reliable predictor of team success. She's probably right about it. F.W.I.W.
Samuel Smith Med
This ain't it bruh
Aidan Nunley
Aidan Nunley Oy oldin
Lmao so SEC biast
Gamecock Chris
The Big 12 has never won a playoff game lol
Gamecock Chris
@Cole Converse That's true
Cole Converse
Cole Converse Oy oldin
Iowa State has never lost a playoff game.
Dupree Hundo
Dupree Hundo Oy oldin
Heather should stfu
Motivated Dedicated
Eric Waguespack
.....and they'll both get blown out in the semis by teams who actually deserve to be there
Milton Smith
Milton Smith Oy oldin
Iowa State? Probably would get blown out. Oklahoma? No way. Anyone who followed football last year knows that OU will return their usual excellent offense this year but they will also have a very physical and mauling defense as well. NO ONE in college football will "blow out" this OU team. Oklahoma could lose, but no way anyone this side of the NFL is going to "blow out" this Sooner team. Won't happen.
Recovering Know It All
Expand the playoffs, then we'll talk about it. Otherwise, bs
Stephen Lang
Stephen Lang Oy oldin
Nope. Oklahoma could squeak in if the lose to Iowa State in a close one on the regular season then win the conference. If Iowa State loses once they are out, period. Iowa State just doesn't have the brand. It's a fun thought exercise though.
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man Oy oldin
Predictions and hype are a detriment to the sport.
Geoff Parker
Geoff Parker Oy oldin
Ain’t going to happen
Taylor Morgan
Taylor Morgan Oy oldin
Nah…OU is going undefeated this year…Iowa St, at minimum, is gonna have 2 losses.
Matthew M
Matthew M 22 kun oldin
We will see about that. Go clones.
butterbackup 23 kun oldin
@Levi Durr possibly, but there is no way ou blows the big 12. so that leaves iowa state beating OU in normal in late november
Levi Durr
Levi Durr Oy oldin
Would you accept both going 11-1? Both loses to each other?
nicolas gerrald
why wouldn't they go? they have no competition
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