Heather Dinich and Paul Finebaum agree that Clemson will take a step back in 2021 | Get Up 

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Heather Dinich and Paul Finebaum join Mike Greenberg on Get Up to discuss which team will take a step back in 2021 and the College Football Playoff.
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16-Iyn, 2021



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Marty Brown
Marty Brown 5 kun oldin
Since when is losing by 17 and 21 considered blowouts, 31-0 blowout, 44-16 blowout, all teams get beat by a better team, bama blew out ohio state, lsu got blown out by bama 29-0 what happened to burrow then, stunk it up!
shuffli21 7 kun oldin
I also agree that WRU is somewhat unproven but the talent is there possibly as much or more than ever. Ngata is a 5 star talent, Ross if healthy is 5 star, Frank Ladson 4/5 star, EJ Williams has been called Ross with more speed, and the freak no one knows Ajou Ajou may shock the country. Back that up with the most talented TE room ever. We’ve got options.
shuffli21 7 kun oldin
While heather could be right about offensive line, remember that every team Clemson plays will be at a disadvantage against the embarrassment of riches on Clemson’s defensive line.
THE OTHER ConfederRasputin
Tommy Fant
Tommy Fant 9 kun oldin
To be honest I love when Clemson is the underdog we play with a chip on her shoulder we play a lot better so they can keep on preaching that Clemson is going to take a step back Bc we will be back
M Hero
M Hero 22 kun oldin
Dimwitt and Fineturd about as qualified to talk CFB as Harris and Sleepy Joe are to talk running a nation
That 2k Guy
That 2k Guy 23 kun oldin
Y’all doing this again🤦‍♂️
Xavier Duke
Xavier Duke 24 kun oldin
Paul saw that secondary last year
Xavier Duke
Xavier Duke 24 kun oldin
That defense kinda buns last year
Rush Neighbors
Rush Neighbors 27 kun oldin
Denich and Finenaum agree on something? Clemson NC guaranteed. Two biggest clowns on ESPN.
Born-Lived- Died-Free
I guess anyone can be an analyst now…
jeff scott
jeff scott 28 kun oldin
Paul the idiot Finebaum has been right about Clemson one time in the last six years and they've made him look like an idiot so may times that he should have quit because of shame always hating on Clemson maybe because Dabo wont acknowledge him as anything
P. Rich
P. Rich 28 kun oldin
BS...not buying it at all. Sick of people hyping us up every year...let them prove it on the field! And Clemson not going anywhere...they must've forgot about their defense
Poppie 29 kun oldin
OMG - Heather "Clemsoning" Dinich and Paul "Alabama, Alabama, Alabama" Finebaum have written Clemson off already. Well, let's just mail the season in. What a couple of ESPN clowns.
Oakwood Comets Sports
Clemson's schedule is good one for the Tigers in my opinion regardless of what people think about Clemson. They don't have to face either North Carolina or Miami in the regular season and the Georgia game is in Charlotte. I think they're going to go 12-0 and make the CFP as a top two seed depending on how Alabama finishes. They're going to be pretty darn good.
DayVid 1979
DayVid 1979 Oy oldin
Clemson is new money about to go broke. Hope they enjoyed their 15 minutes of fame. The tigers can now return to the pack & wallow in the mediocrity they became accustomed for decades & decades.
Roas Runna
Roas Runna Oy oldin
Iowa State ,lol
Jose Espinoza
Jose Espinoza Oy oldin
Yeah, because Oklahoma magically created a cfp caliber defense in one year.
Bill Oy oldin
I haven't had coffee this AM, but what happens after 1st and 2nd rounds of the playoff, won't there be 3 teams left?
dee see
dee see Oy oldin
Wait Clemson took a step back the last 2 years why is it news that it might happen this season lol
Nicholas Woods
My predictions: 1. Alabama 13-0 (sec champs) 2. Ohio state 12-1 (big 10 champs) 3. Georgia 11-2 (lost to bama in sec title) 4. Clemson 12-1 (acc champs, lost to Georgia) 5. Iowa state 11-2 (big 12 champs) 6. Florida 9-3 7. Oklahoma 10-3 8. Cincinnati 12-1 (lose to Notre dame)
Joe E
Joe E Oy oldin
Dude what is this nonsense? If IU or ISU shows up to the playoff or national championship they’re gonna get smoked
Tar Heels! We is coming!
Dr. Reviews from personal experience
Paul always rips on Clemson and university of Texas
Chris Barton
Chris Barton Oy oldin
I wish Everybody would learn how to Pronounce The Name of This Year's National Champion Q.B & Heisman Trophy's Winner D.J. Uagaleilei, Please !! I am so Happy Everybody is taking Clemson Lightly this Year, there is A Giant Sleeping in The Little Old Town Of Clemson this Year. This Year's Team has A Chip on their Shoulder & Alot of Proven Talent & The Nation will see it September 4th when they Destroy Georgia !! Georgia has 4 Starter's returning on A Defense that was Average at Best last Year & A Q.B that has Proven Nothing facing A Clemson Defense that is Loaded with Assassin's !! He will be Lucky if He make's it thru The 3rd Qtr. in this Game. Finebum is an Alabama Homer Every Year, wait til Saban leave's, You will see A Big Change in his Loyalty to The Tide. Can't Wait to Get The Puppie's between The Chalk in Charlotte. GO TIGER'S !!
U BOAT Oy oldin
Paul says the same thing year after year, he's gonna eventually be right lol. But, with returning 10 starters on D, having a healthy WR core again, I don't think it will be this year. Plus, Georgia is really good at not winning games that they need to win. Also, it's funny watching people be upset that Paul says these things, guys he works for and covers the SEC, of course he's gonna say every SEC team is better than Clemson lol.
Barry Spencer
Barry Spencer Oy oldin
Imagine Pawwl shitting on Clemson? Unheard of. And Heather, fix me a sammich, extra nayo!
Roderick Dodd
Roderick Dodd Oy oldin
Clemson will not take a step back they are well coached just because they have a black quarterback absurd.
James Norris
James Norris Oy oldin
Lol hasn't anyone learned what happens when you doubt Clemson?
Meditation Mayham
In all fairness.... Clemson hasn't had the same level of recruiting like a Alabama Ohio State or UGA to the point that they can just reload. Most of Clemsons greatness has been through traditional pedigree and coaching. Not to mention they aren't a huge big name School... It's very similar to in basketball...Duke vs North Carolina or Kentucky. NC and UK are huge powerhouses that have a brand name. Duke...Coach K is the BRAND Name.
BAMA MAN Oy oldin
Well....given the competition levels Clemson, OSU, and OU should be very well rested entering the playoff👀😒
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 10 kun oldin
And who does Alabama play this year that's gonna be tough?Who? Arkansas? Mississippi State? Tennessee?
Edward Kibirige
Edward Kibirige 27 kun oldin
So will Alabama
jamar reid
jamar reid Oy oldin
BAMA MAN Oy oldin
@jamar reid 😆 Yeahhh you might be right there....
jamar reid
jamar reid Oy oldin
@BAMA MAN nah OU is a pretender. 0-4. I'll go with Alabama, Clemson, and OSU being real programs though.
Mark Wills
Mark Wills Oy oldin
Paul is an idiot - How many times has Paul predicted Clemson would lose - and nope didn't happen. 44-16 comes to mind against the BEST ALABAMA team ever. Clemson 35 Georgia 21 - When this happens will Paul be surprised? I think he will because what he doesn't know is how good the Clemson D is going to be. - The Best D-Line in the country - BY FAR - Top 5 LB room in the country. Remember Future First Round Draft Pick Mike Jones left because he will not get playing time at Clemson - WOW - The Entire Secondary - minus a trouble maker - will be back with tons of experience and depth. I am really not sure Georgia will get 21 points. DJ is the best QB in College football and it is not even close. Unfortunately for other teams they will find this out!!
Hart Reeder
Hart Reeder Oy oldin
Bust out the ROY BUS
James Caldwell
I don’t want anyone but a woman telling me about having a baby. I don’t anyone but a vet telling me about battle and I don’t want a pencil neck jock sniffer or a woman telling me about football!
Brad James
Brad James Oy oldin
Heather is a cutie.
Keshawn Holt
Keshawn Holt Oy oldin
Sike lol
Ryan Hunt
Ryan Hunt Oy oldin
Haters gonna hate
Leisure Suit Larry
Mike Greenberg is a piece of 💩 But HD is 👌
Jay Doll
Jay Doll Oy oldin
Alabama lost all there main starters who won there games last year they have a new QB all new players on defense but bama they still think are so great but Clemson has new QB and players but Clemson they say will suck is just bs same as OSU they say will also suck but there still praising bama when they are gonna have a completely new offense just show there bias bs for bama
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 10 kun oldin
Exactly.They're Alabama fans
Paula Marshall
You know what they say about opinions…..🤪
Ryan Oy oldin
Oklahoma or Georgia is most likely to win it all this year. Oklahoma finally looks to have a real defense.
ErvGotti Oy oldin
This is Pawwwwl throwing a bone to Dabo to have his boys to rise to the occasion and beat UGA. The ACC has been weak for the past 6 years. This game will be huge for Clemson. Maybe UNC will bring something to the table and help Clemson with it strength of schedule in the conference ship or maybe Florida State will finally get it act together and try to take the conference back from Clemson in a few years. Anyway whether you beat UGA or not in week 1. Clemson will still make it into the playoff this coming year. Relax
Judy Walker
Judy Walker Oy oldin
Jerry W
Jerry W Oy oldin
I'm not buying all of the Georgia hype and I think Clemson will be very good again.
George Mollohan
Thank god you let us know
Nick Oy oldin
Oh so bama isn’t? Sorry but DJ is better than Young. If anyone takes a step back it’ll be Ohio state and bama.
danzo 626
danzo 626 Oy oldin
I like how they pointed to teams that can beat the top team in each conference but no mention of bama who lost 99% of their offensive production 🤣😂
danzo 626
danzo 626 10 kun oldin
@Randy Jordan i never said they were gonna be bad. I pointed out the fact that they lost more production then these teams who also recruit at elite levels to replace players that go to the nfl but were not mentioned in this segment, a segemen not about who will be bad but who may be upset this upcoming season
Randy Jordan
Randy Jordan 10 kun oldin
@danzo 626 By "all new guys," I was referring to the ones I named, not to every player on the team. Just because Bama loses multiple first-round draft picks doesn't mean they're gonna be bad the next year.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 10 kun oldin
That's because they're Alabama fans.
danzo 626
danzo 626 Oy oldin
@Randy Jordan no they didn't go undefeated with all new guys. Mac Jones was a senoir who had starting experience with tua being hurt the previous season. Waddle and Smith were in their jr and senior year and had a lot of playing experience under their belt as well and najee harris was a senior on his 2nd year as a starter. Like clemson and ohio state they will be starting a true sophmore at qb
Randy Jordan
Randy Jordan Oy oldin
Bama loses most of its offensive production almost every year, but they keep on winning. Last year, they had lost Tua, Jeudy, and Ruggs, but they went undefeated with all new guys.
DaWon Oy oldin
Whiny voice makes for boring video.
Stacy Goble
Stacy Goble Oy oldin
Pure little Clemson getting picked on.. LOL
Maurice Brown
Maurice Brown Oy oldin
How with a better QB?
Deplorable Neanderthal
I think Ohio State will take a step back. Fields was good enough to carry them last 2 years but now is the time you are going to see the effects of losing Urban Meyer. Love him or hate him he was a great college coach.
Kiwi 17 kun oldin
lol 😂 no. Day is recruiting BETTER than Meyer EVER did. The Ohio St QB = DJ = Bryce All 3 were 5 star QBs CJ Stroud won the Elite 11 final, not the other guys.
Deplorable Neanderthal
@Chris Again Im not saying anything anti Ohio State or anti Day. Im not an Ohio State hater. In fact I pulled for them strongly in both playoff games they played last year. I just think Meyer is a hard act to follow.
Chris 22 kun oldin
@Deplorable Neanderthal have you followed what Day and his staff are doing in recruiting at all? Like, at all? Recruiting BETTER than Meyer did.
Deplorable Neanderthal
@Southfield Trill im not trying to put Ohio State down in any way. I am indifferent to Ohio State, dont like them or dont hate them. My comment is more about acknowledging how good a college coach Urbam Meyer is/was. I still feel Ohio State will be good yes of course, but its hard to lose a coach like him and not miss a beat.
Southfield Trill
People say the same goofy thing every year smdh. U do know that it was Ryan Day who got Fields to OSU.😂 Ryan Day is also recruiting better than Urban in his first 2 years better than what Urban ever did at OSU. At least know wth you're talking about if you're going to try and throw shade smdh
Koa Koa
Koa Koa Oy oldin
Doubt us. We love it.
Timmy Blackwell
Go ahead and talk about Clemson it never works out the way you guys think. Putting Clemson as the underdog just gives Dabo more to work with! Go Tigers!
Jackie Martello
Oklahoma and Ohio State hahahaha Whoever wins the SEC or Clemson wins the natty.
Steven Haymon
Steven Haymon Oy oldin
Clemson will bounce back on defense though.
David Owens
David Owens Oy oldin
I think so too. Much of the defense was all true freshmen and sophomores.
South House Productions
Roll Tide
Randy Farnsworth
If you gamble? Always do exactly the opposite of what the bald gremlin thinks will happen
frank bolin
frank bolin Oy oldin
I predict bama will be out, Finbaum would have a kid.
Otis Greer
Otis Greer Oy oldin
Paul, quit hating Clemson.
Mike Schmidt
Mike Schmidt Oy oldin
Michael Blackwell
They should win the ACC.
jackie chan
jackie chan Oy oldin
Oh so now they have weenie greenie doing this show. Goes to show you what a pussiefied network espn is.
Ben Wagner
Ben Wagner Oy oldin
Paul finebaum a 🤡🤡🤡
SkyWalker864 Oy oldin
Oh no im shocked, who woulda guessed this
John Gardner
John Gardner Oy oldin
To early for this ESPN bull$hit. We'll have a better idea around mid-November. The teams will sort it out on the field...not from a news desk.
Heather’s voice and speech pattern is super annoying. She’s one of the worst.
Scott G
Scott G Oy oldin
I can't wait to shut all yall up when UGA beats Clemson....God C mon September
Chuck Roution
Chuck Roution 10 kun oldin
@Michael Jenkins well Bryant won 4 and saban won 6
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 10 kun oldin
@Chuck Roution and how many claimed national championships does Alabama have?
Chuck Roution
Chuck Roution 20 kun oldin
@David Owens none under saban
Chuck Roution
Chuck Roution 20 kun oldin
@David Owens and gets blown out by osu like year
David Owens
David Owens 20 kun oldin
@Chuck Roution How many NCAA probations has Alabama got?
gplez91 Oy oldin
As a Buckeye fan, this is false. Clemson will remain at the top of the ACC and take another trip to the CFP.
Southfield Trill
Bro you're saying that like the ACC is good😂
unapologeticwhiteman Winner
If or when they go to a 12 team playoff. All the idiots will be crying about 13 not being in. No real change
SCboy 1998
SCboy 1998 Oy oldin
Dabo and company is gonna eat this up . I love when ESPN picks against us we win it all Everytime they do
Joshua Barton
Joshua Barton Oy oldin
Heather knows nothing about football
Howard Dukes
Howard Dukes Oy oldin
I’m moving down south to auburn I can’t wait to fall in love with college football again
Paul Rollings
Paul Rollings Oy oldin
You won't fall in love at AU.
Alan Bozard
Alan Bozard Oy oldin
I think Heather and Paul are dating each other!!😂😂eeeww
Ollie Hays
Ollie Hays Oy oldin
doubt it, their conf. is a joke
Justin Chiles
Justin Chiles Oy oldin
A week one loss for Clemson or UGA doesn’t effect their play off chances. A 1- loss conference champion goes the the playoffs. Lol they literally opened the video by saying that
The thing is man Alabama OSU and Oklahoma all have better chance to make the playoffs if they go undefeated..which is a strong possibility this year. Clemson can't afford to lose to UGA. They won't have a top quality win at end of season. Georgia will have at least 3 if they beat y'all. Clemson won't.
Jason Pressley
These "analysts" are gonna eat there words after Clemson wins another national championship this season. Clemson will start by stomping the Dawgs week 1
Richard Coleman
I actually agree, I don’t think Clemson is bad but I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes a little time to come together much like Oklahoma last year.
Andrew Mullinax
Why do you think it will take a little time?
Tiger from Clemson
Paul Thinbaum😼 what does he know!!
randy noel
randy noel Oy oldin
NC ? Lol. No way
Jared Smith
Jared Smith Oy oldin
Haters gonna hate hate hate hate
ALA 24
ALA 24 Oy oldin
Brant Phillips
I’m just happy we’re getting attention tbh lol. Go Cyclones! 🌪🚨
Addison Shealy
Gotta have something to talk about during the summer
Kevin Rosson
Kevin Rosson Oy oldin
Make me a sandwich dinich
Nick Propst
Nick Propst Oy oldin
I'm taking Ohio State as the first giant to fall. I feel like Clemson's QB has more capabilities than Ohio State's despite all the hype. I think that Dabo will outcoach Kirby Smart and Ohio State will look at a close call against Indiana. That or in the Big Ten championship against either Northwestern, Wisconsin or Iowa.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 10 kun oldin
@Kiwi there's one flaw in your comment.Clemson's new quarterback has more starting experience than Ohio State's new quarterback
tee money202
tee money202 17 kun oldin
@Kiwi Go Bucks
Kiwi 17 kun oldin
Unlike Clemson, the new Ohio St QB has the best returning talent around him: Best starting receivers AND receiver room in CFB Best returning pass blocking OTs in CFB All conf RB and #1 RB recruit in latest cycle dominant pass catching TE Every new QB under Day has 50TDs in their first season and becomes 1st rd picks.
tee money202
tee money202 21 kun oldin
Go Bucks 2021 🏆
Nick Propst
Nick Propst 29 kun oldin
@Bobby Johnson don’t worry, I’ll @ you if i’m right
Eric Morris
Eric Morris Oy oldin
sour grapes.......
Bennett Connelly
Clemson would actually be better this year I think. DJ would have a better O-line and better receivers than tlaw had since 2018. Idk I have us in the Natty again but I could be biased
Kiwi 17 kun oldin
Ross MAY be 100% back and reliable, but who else? Not one other returning receiver has proven anything. When Ross and Higgins were young they were killing it. Y’all talk up receivers starting their 3rd season of eligibility and talking about how they “young” and just wait you’ll see. If it was gonna happen for them it would have.
SAB FAN Oy oldin
Trevor was Dabo’s generation QB, but I expect them to still win the ACC..
David Owens
David Owens Oy oldin
@Judy Walker 2018 Alabama SEC Schedule: 62-7 45-23 65-31 39-10 58-21 29-0 24-0 52-21 Against Clemson? 16-44.
Judy Walker
Judy Walker Oy oldin
@David Owens I know. The ACC teams are pitiful.
David Owens
David Owens Oy oldin
@Judy Walker They're blowing teams out in the 1st quarter! Of course they're getting rest.
Judy Walker
Judy Walker Oy oldin
@David Owens well, if you had a schedule like they did , you would be rested before you played them. Bama gets no rest . It was a heartbreaking loss, I'll admit. They should have taken Tua out and put Jalen in.
David Owens
David Owens Oy oldin
@Judy Walker 44-16. Clemson completely blew an Bamer team off the field that completely dominated the SEC. Almost every game was a Bamer blowout by the end the 1st quarter.
Kiwi Oy oldin
Saying it now: Clemson is on track for 2 losses BEFORE the playoffs they wont be invited to...
Kiwi 10 kun oldin
@Michael Jenkins my crystal ball is just as effective as yours
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 10 kun oldin
@Kiwi Do you have a crystal ball?What makes you so sure that Clemson is gonna lose 2 games? Georgia usually chokes on the big stage and I don't see North Carolina beating Clemson
fredrick sullivan
fredrick sullivan 29 kun oldin
@Kiwi well at the end of the season which is the only time we could see them(ACCCG) if he’s still a heisman favorite maybe they’ll stand a chance but he’d have to play defense as well lmao
Kiwi 29 kun oldin
@fredrick sullivan the pre-season ACC all conference QB plays for UNC. He is also among the favorites for the Heisman And UNC has the BEST O line in the ACC.
fredrick sullivan
@Kiwi I don’t see UGA winning but It could happen but please tell me who you think could possibly take down Clemson in our conference just give me one team and a reason that’s all I’m asking lol
Geoffrey Griffin
LSU wins the Natty. Comeback and check this message in 8 months. Book it.
troy jeffcoat
troy jeffcoat Oy oldin
Jesse Estes
Jesse Estes Oy oldin
Clemson ohio st playoff. Game last year your clue.
Demetrius Evans
I'm an Ohio State fan, but I disagree. Last year has nothing to do with this year.
Jesse Estes
Jesse Estes Oy oldin
I actually dont think clemson eill beat georgia agree woth paul.
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins 10 kun oldin
Why not? Georgia is a choke artist
Kev Oy oldin
Idk why everybody is doubting Clemson and is so sure Georgia will be the best. I don’t like Clemson but I mean come on people only said that because we beat them. I hope they smash Georgia nothing against them but it’s time for the SEC homers to shut up I’m tired of it!
Kiwi Oy oldin
I think we all have that same feeling, the problem is this: 1) Clemson doesn't return any RELIABLE experienced productive offensive playmakers. 2) Clemson's O line gets beat up every time in recent years they face a team with elite talent on the D line. And they just lost their best O line guy.
Kiriakis Kirk
Kiriakis Kirk Oy oldin
Clemson is going to kick a*** again this year they always hate on Clemson...Go Gamecocks spurs up🤙🏾
Lmfao 😂😂😂
Kiriakis Kirk
Kiriakis Kirk Oy oldin
@TaterLord no I’m not going with y’all but UGA is not going to beat Clemson that’s a fact
TaterLord Oy oldin
A gamecock pulling for us👀🕵️‍♀️salute brother
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson
@Mike Estes as a Clemson hater, I have come to learn that Dabo seems to really fuel players off doubt, so let’s jot give them their fuel…
Koa Koa
Koa Koa Oy oldin
MT Rodriguez
MT Rodriguez Oy oldin
Can’t be 10x better without Lawrence
Daniel Fowler
Daniel Fowler Oy oldin
New year same Paul. Loving Alabama and hating clemson lol
Derek Shirley
Derek Shirley Oy oldin
Time for Clemson to resume its natural role as the second best team in the state of South Carolina
Komisar 39
Komisar 39 Oy oldin
I don't think Coastal Carolina is that good boss.
Cortez Brown
Cortez Brown Oy oldin
Are you a comedian??😂
Barry Spencer
Barry Spencer Oy oldin
Tard much?
c holt
c holt Oy oldin
Clemson winning the natty. Brings back the entire defense & a great QB
TaterLord Oy oldin
@Kiwi Tee Higgins was a second round pick for Cincinnati and he's currently in the top 5 receivers in the NFL. And Clemson has had even more receivers drafted the past seven years than anyone else
Kiwi Oy oldin
@TaterLord it will be in a couple of season’s, when they are more experienced and they have better blockers.
Kiwi Oy oldin
@Halo Halo don’t know what you mean. Please explain very simply. Bama had better receivers, as the last 2 seasons they have had two 1st receivers drafted each year. What Bama lacked in that game was starting pass rushers and corners. You can see from Clemson’s playoff loss last season what happens when a teams D line has many injuries or starters out for whatever reason. If Ross plays without incident (god willing) he may be a 1st rd receiver, their first in a few years.
TaterLord Oy oldin
@Kiwi Ross went over 1,000 his freshman year and had 900 in 2019. That's pretty reliable dude
TaterLord Oy oldin
@Kiwi Lyn-J Dixon. He averages more yards a carry than Etienne did in his career. DJ is a given as well. And with the addition of Ross back and Ladson, Ngata, EJ Williams, Braden Galloway this is a pretty loaded offense
Michael Jenkins
I think Clemson is gonna be a better team this year.I don't see them taking a step back
Dupree Hundo
Dupree Hundo Oy oldin
North Carolina is so overrated
Kiwi Oy oldin
With the best returning QB in CFB
Dupree Hundo
Dupree Hundo Oy oldin
Dinich makes me cringe hearing her y’all college football lol
Cody Benfield
Cody Benfield Oy oldin
Paul literally works for the SEC network, ofc he’s gonna say Clemson won’t make it. Also I can name multiple 5 star wr’s that aren’t named Justin Ross that are gonna pop off this season.
Cody Benfield
Cody Benfield Oy oldin
@mary everling SEC is just as bad all they have is Bama and Georgia everyone else is horrible.
mary everling
mary everling Oy oldin
ACC is trash... Clemson got their come uppence last season
jorge floed
jorge floed Oy oldin
uga loss to Clemson loss to Florida and a big beating in the sec title game against bama.... jt daniels will get hurt
jorge floed
jorge floed Oy oldin
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