Georgia Tech’s strength coach had an incredible speech to the football team about winning 😤👏  

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Georgia Tech’s strength coach had an incredible speech to the football team about winning 😤👏 (via @georgiatechfb on IG)

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29-Iyn, 2021



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William Jordan
William Jordan 5 kun oldin
Georgia Tech has a strength coach?
Robert Oswald
Robert Oswald 6 kun oldin
I thinking Pat Riley has a plagiarism case after watching this video. Someone’s been doing a UZblock deep dive…
That hit hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Go rambling wreck
Multiyapples Oy oldin
uc95nu51 Oy oldin
Makes me want to eat a tcao
Terrell Sanders
Brb, I need to go run 10000 miles after hearing that.
TheHat Oy oldin
My mantra was always "PAIN IS A MINOR SETBACK"
You kids do the hard work and get paid in free tuition. We coaches get paid just for rah rah speech.. Now that is smart winning for you..
ioannis sting
ioannis sting Oy oldin
'Nike' is the ancient Greek godess of victory!! It is always be depicted with wings because she can fly away from from you in 0 time!@
Sean Lawlor
Sean Lawlor Oy oldin
This coach is right, Georgia tech won’t be winning a lot of games this year! 😂
The Werewolf
The Werewolf Oy oldin
He should be the head coach of gerogia tech. Promote this man
Britton Thompson
Well that's just depressing....
Jacob Stroud
Jacob Stroud Oy oldin
Go jackets!
It’s the tech nerds lol they always lose
bhuwan chandra
Why it isn't breaking the internet, is only thing unclear in this speech.
madrox menace
madrox menace Oy oldin
Wish he was my maths teacher
dirkman Oy oldin
Sean Penn?
Don Jones
Don Jones Oy oldin
Enough Said!!!
Will Thomas III
"Are you willing to sprint when the distance is unknown?"
Kevin Blayton
Kevin Blayton Oy oldin
No because that's called going nowhere fast. Doesn't make sense to sprint to an unknown destination
Michael Hales
Michael Hales Oy oldin
Dropping knowledge 👊 🎤
Brandon Clark
Brandon Clark Oy oldin
Real Talk
Kid Flame 67
Kid Flame 67 Oy oldin
Lol they still gone lose , RTR
Marty Quist
Marty Quist Oy oldin
Hopefully he can motivate himself to get that haircut fixed
Grif Griffin
Grif Griffin Oy oldin
Rafi Hasan
Rafi Hasan Oy oldin
Every great coach goes to supercuts
Ward Atkins
Ward Atkins Oy oldin
Can't argue with facts
Andre Esters
Andre Esters Oy oldin
Jason Charles
Jason Charles Oy oldin
He has read Tim Grover’s book “Winning”. It is a great book and will wake something up inside of you.
TheHat Oy oldin
This specimen is a Marine
Tarian Wright
Tarian Wright Oy oldin
Imma check it out
Georgia Peach
Georgia Peach Oy oldin
Just play the game. Play hard each and every play. Stop looking at your scorecard, as we do in golf. Make each play count. Winning doesn't do anything. It's a destination. Work hard, play hard, and hopefully you will arrive. And when you do, you will savor it all the more. Oh and....Go Dawgs!🤣😉❤
Jack Reyome
Jack Reyome Oy oldin
amen go dawgs 🤞🏽👏🏼
Derrick Walker
E.T. some where salivating at the mouth.
RGM Oy oldin
GodzSun7 Oy oldin
Padraig Murphy
@GodzSun7 no (and neither were you so by your own logic sit down and stfu lol) however I did interview them about this very thing for my Master's Thesis. Learn your place
GodzSun7 Oy oldin
@Padraig Murphy were you a Division One college athlete at a high major? If not sit down and be quiet because you don't have a clue on the inner workings of this world.. The television contracts and merchandising deals alone from power conference's is more than enough to financially compensate these young men when they singlehandedly generate billions of dollars for the NCAA and respective universities. Time to update your thinking, it's not 1965 anymore..
Padraig Murphy
They get anywhere from 50k to 200k+ in compensation (and no I'm not just talking about an education). Pay them or dont, I dont really care. But yall acting like they dont get fair enough compensation are delusional
Arindam Buragohain
Should have sprinted away from his barber..
Rowing Bears
Rowing Bears Oy oldin
Sal Rod
Sal Rod Oy oldin
lol you could literally swap “life” for “winning”
Bama Roll Tide
Bama Roll Tide 10 kun oldin
Another Les miles
Bryan Leaf
Bryan Leaf Oy oldin
This isn’t the comment I wanted, but the comment I needed
Ultimate Warrior Frieza
Maybe success makes more sense
This is really important. This is something I’ve really been struggling with. I’ve always been the type of person that if I can see the possibility then I know all I have to do is make a choice to take action. The rest is up to God. But it’s hard to get everything I forgot and work hard not knowing if anything will pan out the right way. It hurts tremendously
Elevate 24 kun oldin
@ProTip SkipToEndOfVideoAndReplayForNoAds have you read the scriptures to know the situation, where it talks about these things? we currently live in a fallen world, due to the fall of Man in the garden Eden. That there is an enemy, that we have a redeemer Jesus Christ in the mist of the fallen world we currently living in. That Jesus Christ was sent by the Father to the earth in the flesh died on the cross for our sins and rose from the grave the third day so that whosoever believes in him, will not Perrish but may have everlasting life. That there is a plan ( including a new Earth and new heaven being made with the previous being done away with ) with events to follow also written in the scriptures in the Bible. There's the worlds view on God and what the situation is and then there's the full and actual situation from Jesus Christ the word of God in his word. I believe you are eager and would like to move forward in the truth and hope so In Jesus mighty name I pray hope and believe i received you being set free in love of the Lord Jesus Amen. Go move forward take a look at his word he will lead you, it is written who the son sets free is free indeed, you are blessed. Matthew King James Bible chapter 1
@Pradip Acharya I appreciate that man. I notice that a lot of depression simply comes from a lack of taking action and thats whats most important
Lumii Oy oldin
@ProTip SkipToEndOfVideoAndReplayForNoAds and I’m not saying that when people are killed by violence or disease it’s right
Lumii Oy oldin
@ProTip SkipToEndOfVideoAndReplayForNoAds that’s the thing nobody is innocent
Pradip Acharya
Your first issue is believing in an unknown source to fed you your goals. Wether god exist or not doesn’t matter. You are you thus you have the ability to change yourself. There is a famous saying, “God helps those who help themselves”- Sidney. This doesn’t just apply to an unknown supreme being but life in general. No one is going live for you. Die knowing that you made the future better because in the end of the day, it’s the only thing that will remain after you die. What happens after death is unknown and I will not claim to know the existence of a god. I do know one thing though. Life is like a game of tag, your opportunities surrounds you but for you to get it, you must start running.
Ceeez Up
Ceeez Up Oy oldin
Coach read that in rich dad poor dad definitely 😂
Ceeez Up
Ceeez Up Oy oldin
@Ultimate Warrior Frieza 😂 I'm wit him tho I'm mad my daddy broke too 😭😂
Ultimate Warrior Frieza
@Ceeez Up I thought I read that book cause all there is was RK cursing his poor dad lol
Ceeez Up
Ceeez Up Oy oldin
@Ultimate Warrior Frieza naw jus a joke dawg since everybody always suggest to read that sht
Ultimate Warrior Frieza
Real talk?
mcsuchnsuch Oy oldin
👋🏽Put me in coach, I’m ready!! 😂😂
Frustrated Black Man
Georgia Tech football sucks. They are losing at recruiting in their OWN state. This program hasn't been great since the 90s.
Frustrated Black Man
@Gooser __ that makes no sense. How do you explain their domination of the 1990s? More people could do math then?
Ultimate Warrior Frieza
For those who heard it it ain't matter. They can literally go on with their lives and win some aspects of it
I mean yeah. UGA is in their state 😂😂 as well as good D2 and FCS schools.
Kareem Willis
Kareem Willis Oy oldin
Did the guide fall off the clippers?
Grif Griffin
Grif Griffin Oy oldin
Jourdan Parkinson
So disrespectful lmao
Convoy81 Oy oldin
Blah,Blah,Blah…. Heard it all before
@EnigmaticBeats lmaoooo fr tho 💀
alex batlle
alex batlle Oy oldin
LMAOOO he’s salty because he’s “heard it all before” and he’s still losing 😂😂
You ain’t win one football game in high school.
Noljitsu Oy oldin
@ConeHawk 😂😂😂
ConeHawk Oy oldin
This guy probably losing😂
Alejandro Alvarez
LUCKY CLICK 100M views
Bro this is so good. Best speech
C.a.T Oy oldin
@LUCKY CLICK 100M views lmao... If you buy into his 🐂💩 good for you ...
LUCKY CLICK 100M views
@C.a.T his explanation about guarantees of hard work is as real as it gets that there is no guaranteed pay off and it can have an unfair outcome . It is realistic, gritty and honest and somewhat cynical too. But even after that it gave me a boost because he doesn't make up stuff to make you feel better about yourself..the coach is just telling the painful truth in an amazing way.
C.a.T Oy oldin
Lmao... This is such a weak speech it's not even funny... Little league coaches are more passionate with better messages... He is tap dancing to try and motivate his team though...
Now that's a real coach right there
Samuel Latouche
Shady Shinichi
I miss these speeches in football. So many outsiders don't get the pleasure of partaking in these moments.
C.a.T Oy oldin
Lol... That was a weak speech.
ace11235 Oy oldin
It’s basically the same in most competitive (group) sports.
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