Does Reggie Bush deserve his Heisman Trophy back? | KJZ 

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Keyshawn Johnson, Monica McNutt and Jason Fitz discuss why Reggie Bush deserves his Heisman Trophy back after the NCAA announced their decision to allow players to profit off of their names.

0:00 Keyshawn Johnson on why Reggie Bush should have never lost his Heisman in the first place.
2:21 Monica McNutt on why the NCAA isn't going to acknowledge their wrongdoing.
3:50 Keyshawn Johnson says Reggie Bush's improper benefits didn't effect his play at USC.

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2-Iyl, 2021



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Jacob Andrew
Jacob Andrew 12 kun oldin
No no no!!!
Romulus Remus
Romulus Remus 28 kun oldin
I hate that question. “Where do we draw the line?” It’s answering a question with a question and it’s too generic. Each case will have to be studied on a case by case matter, but Reggie needs his trophy back. People who don’t want to give it back are saying it’a not okay to apologize to him it’s not okay to say you made a mistake, it’s too late to say im sorry.
CIF 1994
CIF 1994 Oy oldin
does this lady need to be here? gd her voice is nails on a chalk board!
CIF 1994
CIF 1994 Oy oldin
It should of never been taken away! he accomplished what he did on the field!
Bryce Sattler
Bryce Sattler Oy oldin
nwjennings Oy oldin
That lady is like Molly 2.0
Ant T
Ant T Oy oldin
The university didn't give back the money they made off him that year. Why was he the only one that had to give something up?
Jermaine Ross
Jermaine Ross Oy oldin
Hey man, if Reggie Bush gets his stats and record restored, along with his heisman trophy. Then make sure the Fab Five get their stats and record restored, along with their banners put back up in the rafters! Good luck Reggie and Pete Carroll need to take one for the team! Because the team took many for Pete!
Roger Vanderford
Ok. Did Reggie break the rules? Yes or No. The rules then are not the rules know. Since he broke the rules he should live with punishment. He got caught. Stop acting like this is anything or than what it is.
Roger Vanderford
@CIF 1994 what part of inappropriate benefits don't you understand. If he would have waited until he was drafted then he could have bought them one. You at like rules don't apply to everyone. If you get caught speeding don't you have to pay a fine. He got caught and so did USC. They forfeited games, a championship and all the stats to go along with it. USC it's getting those back so why should Reggie.
CIF 1994
CIF 1994 Oy oldin
if R Bush had taken steroids, I would definitely say, no. He recieved a house for his parents, which had nothing to do with his performance. It shoukd of never been taken away, and we all know that!
Lane Gilstrap
Lane Gilstrap Oy oldin
He knew the rules. Actions have consequences.
Britton Thompson
If we're correcting history here, we should give it to Vince Young for the first time
Christopher Foote
Didn't they lose to Texas?
Christopher Foote
Vince Young ought to have been given the Heisman trophy in my opinion. It was an injustice in my opinion.
nicolas gerrald
give it back. if they won't give it back, have someone make him one. we all know he won it.
michael mckinley
I don’t think people understand why we have rules. You can say all you want but he cheated and lied about it. Your culture might say that’s okay but I don’t think it’s okay. He can have his stats but that trophy should be taken away from everyone who broke the rules.
michael mckinley
He cheated
HipHopR&BLover Jon
@Angelo 10•6 He wasn't paid to go to USC. It's been proven in court already but yeah he needs to be recognized. The slander has gone on too long.
Angelo 10•6
Angelo 10•6 Oy oldin
@HipHopR&BLover Jon I'm not researched in the topic so I went off what I read from others. If it's been proven he wasn't paid that much or at all then that's good and he should get his trophy back even if he forfeited it on his own
HipHopR&BLover Jon
@Angelo 10•6 He wasn't given that to go to USC. Stop the lies.
michael mckinley
@nicolas gerrald he accepted a car for free as well as other stuff to go to a school to play football. The rules prevented other schools from doing that so he chose SC. I don’t care if he got a million dollars and 10 cars to play...if the rules allowed it. But, they didn’t. It’s cheating the system. He cheated.
Angelo 10•6
Angelo 10•6 Oy oldin
@nicolas gerrald apparently he was given $150K+ to go to SC, I believe that's enough money to have access to PEDs. On top of that he willingly gave back the Heisman, he shouldn't have done that.
Mo Vo
Mo Vo Oy oldin
Never deserved to be stripped of it in the first place
David Cole
David Cole Oy oldin
No he received improper benefits and that is even after NIL is enacted.
nicolas gerrald
Actually, no. From what the NIL says, he was good. you're just smart as a bag of hair
Ryan Prindall
Ryan Prindall Oy oldin
You are delusional
James Reynolds
Yes, but as long as he is not recognized officially, great back, one of the best.
nicolas gerrald
he's recognized officially. just because they "took it away" doesn't mean he's not the heisman winner.
Texas Rocks
Texas Rocks Oy oldin
He should’ve never had it to begin with. We all know if they voted after ALL the games were played, Vince walks away with that trophy.
Christopher Foote
Yeah exactly
ABjustdoit Oy oldin
The NCAA wanna act like they can do whatever they want and they don’t have to answer to anybody but then they’ll say oh we can give Reggie his trophy back because then people will come to them asking for other things back. If you can do what you want and do t have to answer to anyone then give Reggie his trophy back and tell everyone else to kick rocks
HIGH LYFE600 Oy oldin
Reggie earned the Heisman on the field
Marshall Jankins
He should have never given it back. Yes he deserves his trophy.
Texas Savage
Texas Savage Oy oldin
Nah Give It to VY
Christopher Foote
Alex18 Oy oldin
It's a simple answer yes
Moderator of Youtube
While they are at it they should put Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame... Free Charlie Hustle!
Darius Shuler
Darius Shuler Oy oldin
No brainer give it back we saw what he did on the field. But boy did the NCAA mess up alot of athletes careers because of there rules now players can be compensated for there likeness.
Moderator of Youtube
Give my dude his Heisman back, he has ben punished enough.
Chris England
Chris England Oy oldin
No, he broke the rules. The fact the rule in question changed Doesn't change the fact rules were broken. He could think the rule was unfair. It was the rule at the time. The rule may have been unfair but it didn't reach the point of the MLB Banning black players.
Chris Brandstedter
@Angelo 10•6 every college athlete is regularly drug tested it’s very hard to get away with taking PEDs. if he never failed a test probably a 90% chance he never took them in college
Angelo 10•6
Angelo 10•6 Oy oldin
@HIGH LYFE600 and gave it back when he didn't have to, major mistake
Angelo 10•6
Angelo 10•6 Oy oldin
@Chris Brandstedter is there proof he wasn't taking PEDs? $125K-150K+ is a lot of money, probably enough to have access to them. Was he drug tested during his career at USC? For the record, I think PEDs should be legal in ball/team sports, but if they aren't then oh well, and with all that money it's possible any amount of it went to using them
nicolas gerrald
when marijuana becomes completely legal, it will, many people will be let out of prison and jail from being kidnapped. same applies here. sorry your comprehension level is the same as a chicken nugget, boomer
HIGH LYFE600 Oy oldin
@Chris Brandstedter well said truth, Reggie earned the Heisman on the field
Pope Anthony
Pope Anthony Oy oldin
Does Reggie deserve the return of his trophy? Yep!!
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nolimitdeno Oy oldin
I mean why not 🤷🏾‍♂️
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